Written by Timmytoad

27 Jan 2006

This is a true story that happened a couple of weeks ago.

Laura my wife and me are in our early 50s and sometimes have raunchy sex in the afternoon. This particular afternoon we had closed the blinds in the sitting room and laura had changed into her knee high lace up boots, hold up fish net stockings, 'G' string black bra and a shimmi that comes about 6" above the Knee, and she was armed with a feather tickling stick.

She had made me remove all my clothes and had tied me to one of the inner doors and blindfolded me, she was busy teasing me with the stick which gave me a massive hard on, when she heard the kitchen door close, she panicked, and with that the door between the kitchen and the sitting room opened and a voice said 'its only me', by that time she had fully entered the room, it was Jane the hairdresser, she had come to pick up her curling tongs she had left the week before. Now Jane was an absolute stunner blond hair 20 years old and a great figure, with me being blindfolded i could not see her but as Laura told me afterward she could not take her eyes off my cock, and to my amazment Laura asked her if it turned her on catching us like this, she admitted to Laura that she did find it erotic, Laura asked her if she would like to tickle my cock with the sick as i could not see what was going on i could only assume that it was her using the stick. Laura then removed the blindfold and ask Jane if she had any lesbian tendencies, she said that she sometimes touch herself up when thinking of other women, laura then said suck Tims cock with that she knelt down and took it in her mouth and began to suck, i could see laura behind her she had removed the shimmi and was rubbing herself up she then knelt behind Jane and cupped her tits, Jane stopped sucking turned around and started to kiss Laura on the lips. They then both stood up and Laura began to undress her. she was soon naked and had loverly firm tits and a smoot shaven fanny. Laura then knelt down and started to lick her and her hand reached up to fondle her breasts, Jane saw the agony on my face and leaned forward to grab my cock, laura was getting very exited by now she stopped licking Janes cunt and stood up and removed her bra and G string, i could see just how wet she was she laid down on the floor in front of me and oped her legs wide she beckoned Jane to come and lick her out saying 'lick me like a dog', Jane started to suck all the juices from her running fanny. The story continues tommorrow