Written by lampard fouracres

2 Jul 2006

Well its a holiday i wont forget for a long time!.me and the girlfreind went to grand canaria for two weeks.getting bored of sunbathing all the time and watching her with her tits out, we decided to go on a offshore fishing trip for the day. wot i did not know was it was a booze cruise and she was the only women there. Everything was going fine till i had two much of the local spirits and passed out. i wke up some time later at the back of the vessel to the sound of music and some sort of party going on.my head feeling heavy i just managed to poke my head round the corner to see half a dozen of these guys naked all tanned and built like rugby players, and funny old thing my mrs with just a sarong on, laughin and flirting with these soon to be very lucky blokes. my dick started to twich at what was starting to occur.the all gatherd around her and poured ice cold water over her tanned body,and her nipples started to harden and go that dark choclate colour,as they do.As acouple were running there hands over her tits,one stood infront of her and guided her mouth on to his fully swelled knob.I felt like stopping them but she looked like she was enjoying it to much. within a few seconds she was getting taken in turns to be fucked and sucked by all these fellas. The moans and expressions on her face while these cocks were streching her soaking wet pussy were untrue.i know i could never satisfy her like this! after a good twenty minute fuck fest they started to take it in turns to empty there sacks in and over her sweaty body. as i cum so did they and she mainly wanted them to cum up her.and then one of them brought her off,the moan of sheer exicitement was deafening. i got up and walked round after to see my mrs absolutely cum drenched and tired but a very pleased grin on her face. and stil this day she looks forward to our next fishing trip.