Written by LovingHusband

30 Jul 2014

It was the Friday, the last day of our intended quiet holiday that turned out to be anything but. So much had happened, we were both in a bit of a spin from the week's events. We decided that getting a good breathe of sea air would be an ideal way to spend our last morning. So of we went down to the nearest point where we spent an enjoyable couple of hours in each others company, along with the dog - we all three had a great morning.

Calling in at the local pub - The Crown - we enjoyed our last Suffolk meal; at least until we return, which I think we may well be doing!

On returning to the cottage, M. said that we had better start to think about packing as we had to be out fairly early in the morning. We went into the bedroom, and while I took things from the drawers she started to pack.

During this, Margaret decided that she wanted to pack what she had been wearing so simply removed her clothes down to her non-too skimpy underwear. "What if the Old Man comes by" I questioned her "he usually passes about now and that's no sight to show him!" At this she just removed her remaining clothes and continued packing in the nude. "That's better" I declared, to which she replied "What's good for the goose is also good for the gander". I immediately gathered what she meant and also removed all of my clothes. As she was leaning over packing the case, I could see all of her delightful assets and was able to reach around her ample body to caress her tits and squeeze her nipples which were already standing to attention. "You're hoping that the Old Man actually will wander by and maybe call in, aren't you" I demanded and my thoughts were confirmed as my hands dropped lower to feel her wetness.

Almost on cue, the outside door opened and there indeed was the Old Man. "Come on in" Margaret called "are you after some more of what you had the other night?" "Yes please" he replied "I sure would and, as I was telling my friends over lunch, most of them said they would like to sample some too". "Bring them in" Margaret smilingly said "the more the merrier". I stood there in wonder: how she has changed over such a short time. I am so blessed, I thought.

As she rushed through to greet the Old Man and his two friends, I realised that the bed was still covered with clothes waiting to be packed so I quickly swept them into my arms and dropped them on top of the case which I dragged into the bathroom. "Can't have the bed not available for them all" I thought.

The Old Man, and both his friends, all gave me a formal handshake and greeting as they walked through to the bedroom and immediately began to shed their clothes. The Old Man we had seen before, but his two friends had not been so good at keeping in shape and one of them was sporting a good beer belly while the other was slightly podgy but very tall so pulled it off! Margaret latched onto the taller one, who we later found was called Tim, and went to give him a great hug saying I hope your love truncheon size matches your height - she was soon to find out that it did!

Sitting in the same chair that I occupied on his last visit, The Old Man turned to his friends and said "leave this lad to watch, just get & do what you want with his missus: if you want him to do anything, just ask 'cos he probably will do it for you!" Surprised at his boldness, but somehow thrilled by his words I was forced to the foot of the bed and watch the proceedings. With his large dick rising to standards I could never reach, The Old Man called me over to him and gestured me to drop to my knees and service him. My mouth stretched over his appendage and gently caressed it, milking from it his first delivery. Margaret looked across, over the tall one, and said "Cream delivery direct, now is it?" I was too full of his cream to answer properly, so simply smiled and nodded as I savoured the flavour sliding down my throat.

As I have just hinted, Margaret had dragged the tall one backwards until she had fallen onto the bed with him landing on top of her - just right for her favourite position, missionary. Looking across with a mouthful of cream, I could see that his love truncheon was already probing her depths bringing gurgles of delight from her. Those gurgles soon turned into heavy moans as he rapidly brought her to her first orgasm of the afternoon - it was not to be her last. Climbing off her, I could see that he had delivered a good load but that did not stop The Old Man's other friend from almost instantly taking his mate's place. He was probably about the same length as me, but considerably fatter. She was rapidly brought to another orgasm by means of another cream delivery.

The Old Man, who by then had recovered his erection, said to his mates "How was that, lads - now let me show you how it is done, but first hubby had better clean out that double delivery". I took no second bidding, of course, and was soon at work on her very wet cream pie. She told me to be gentle, but she still managed another orgasm in her favourite manner - on my tongue. It suddenly occured to me that at this rate, she would be too tired for John's visit tonight. As before, The Old Man was as gentle as any gentleman could be and despite her three recent orgasms he managed to bring her to yet another tremendous orgasm, after which I returned to clean-up duties.

The Old Man and his two friends thanked us both profusely for their pleasures and promised to return if we were ever down this way again. I looked at M. then back to them and said "I don't think wild horses could keep us away".