Written by David Brock

22 Dec 2005

This is a work of fiction and fantasy and contains detailed descriptions of activities including gay straight and bisexual sex, mass orgies, drug use and explicit scenes depicting hard, violent consensual sex and sex without the use of condoms. It should be noted that neither the author nor the publishers condone or promote any of the activities involved – instead we present them as pure fantasy for your erotic entertainment. All characters are fictional – any similarity to any persons living or dead is purely co-incidental. Enjoy the story, enjoy each other and play safe

Part One - Prologue

Paul, Andy, David and I had been friends at school and even though I hadn’t seen them for years I was excited by the prospect of meeting my old friends again. How long had it been – 10, maybe 11 years? I was intrigued by the idea of seeing what had become of them and what they had done with their lives – none of them had left Cornwall since I had gone to university, and from the e-mails and occasional phone calls that I had received all 3 of them had settled down into married life (and all that it entails) at the age of 19. I knew that at least two of the marriages had been of convenience – both David and Paul had fathered kids whilst we were still at school, and their march towards the 9-5 had seemed inevitable from that point onwards.

As for Andy – he had married twice and fathered 4 kids – and from what I could gather was heading towards his next divorce. From all accounts, he was still the same wild kid I had grown up with, albeit in a mans body and with a man’s inclinations – most of the gossip centred around his serial womanising, drinking and occasional drug use – if all of the reports were to be believed this was a man who could give Colin Farrell a run for his money in the hell raiser stakes.

As for me, I had one failed marriage behind me and, though I had a great career, had started to feel that the adage about school days being the best days of your life was probably true. I had married young and had realised very early on that it had been a mistake – like the others I had married for convenience, though it had been absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy.

Whilst I had known from an early age that I was more attracted to men than to women I had spent many years in denial and, with additional pressure from my family coming to bear, had married the first (and only) girl that I had gotten involved with. Whilst I enjoyed her company and felt a huge amount of love for her, very quickly it became evident that there was something wrong – our sex life was at best functional and we had taken to experimenting in order to improve the monotony of our fucking. Porn, poppers, cocaine and ecstasy had all been incorporated into our bedroom antics but not even the temporary high of these could disguise the fact that there was a problem. In desperation we introduced others into the equation – threesomes with women we picked up in bars, occasional sessions with prostitutes and every now and then swinging parties, but the more extreme we become the less emotion I felt. In my heart I knew the real cause of the problem was the fact that I wanted to be with a man but I couldn’t admit it. And then one night we introduced another man into our bed and everything changed. And whilst it might have led to the end of our marriage but it also led to the start of my new life.

It will come as a surprise to some of you, especially the women reading this, but in my experience a lot of men out there have, when younger, experimented sexually with other guys – not that they are gay of course, but it’s more to do with the fact that when you are young, dumb and full of cum you will try everything and anything to get off. Lots of women don’t believe me on this, but to be honest unless you have been an 18 year old boy you have absolutely no idea what it is like to feel truly horny all of the time. Endless hardons (generally in the most inconvenient and embarrassing situations), constant jacking off in the bathroom, furtively buying porno magazines and (later) movies – to be honest when you are a healthy lad at that age everything is a turn on and everything makes you think about sex (I would love to say that I have grown out of that stage, however for me it still holds true!). So occasionally you can find yourself in situation where you really need to get off and the only other person there is your best friend…. who, as another horny 18 year old, also feels the same way.

Generally it starts through a mutual appreciation of porn – the magazines or videos come out, you both look and make lame jokes whilst trying to hide he fact that your cock is getting harder by the minute. And then, at first embarrassed but still horny, you both start jerking off, keeping your eyes firmly on the porno and trying desperately not to look at your mates stiff cock as he rolls his foreskin back and forth in his hand. Soon after that it becomes a regular thing and then things move on. Trust me – I speak from personal experience. Not only that, but as a (now) out gay guy lots of guys who are straight have, after several drinks, confessed similar experiences to me – I guess they need to get it off their chest and figure I’ll understand. And believe me I do – only too well. David, Paul, Andy and I had fucked around continually when we were younger – jerking off, wanking each other, sucking each others cocks…and eventually one thing led to another and the three of them would take turns fucking me, cheering each other on as they rammed their hard cocks into my ass until we all shot our loads and collapsed exhausted.

Anyway, most guys grow out of it and move on – but whilst I tried to do so it was quickly becoming apparent that those early man-sex adventures gave me more sexual satisfaction than the sex I was having with my wife Nicole…..I even found myself fantasising about my teenage experiences while we were fucking. I tried to fight it but gradually I had to admit that I wanted to suck cock instead of eat pussy, I wanted to slide my cock into some guys bubble butt instead of fucking Nicole’s cunt, and above all I wanted a hard cock thrusting into my ass instead of Nicole’s tongue and fingers

The turning point came one late October evening when we had been married for two years and still were trying to breathe some life into our relationship.

As I said we had experimented with three ways before but always with another woman in the mix, however this one evening Nicole confessed a fantasy – she had always wanted to be with two guys at once. I have to say I was surprised by the admission – even at the swinging parties she had refused all male company but mine, preferring instead to lick pussy and watch me fucking other women. But the idea of watching a nice thick cock slipping into her mouth, of watching another guy pounding into her , of her taking two cocks inside her at once and feeling another guys prick rubbing against mine as we fucked her….hell, how could I say no?

After discussion we decided that the best idea would be to go to a bar in town and see if we could find someone who was interested. I knew that there would be no shortage of men interested in Nicole – she was, and remains, a very sexy woman – daily yoga sessions had made her body tight, firm and supple, and with her long blonde hair, green eyes and blow job lips she is many men’s (and women’s) ideal sexual conquest. The fact that she was married to a guy who preferred muscle and big cocks to her firm tits, rounded arse and tight pussy was ironic indeed.

That night Nicole dressed to impress – a tight black number that clung to all the right places, low cut to show off her firm tits and high on the leg to reveal her firm milky thighs. From the smooth tight lines of her outfit I could tell that she wore no underwear – an impression that was confirmed as she guided my hand under her skirts. I rubbed my fingers against her smooth shaven mound and she groaned. She was already wet – the anticipation of putting our plans into action was really turning her on. She wasn’t the only one it was affecting – my cock had been hard in my jeans all day as I thought about fulfilling her fantasy, and as she rubbed my hard on through the denim I imagined what it would be like to watch some hung young stud fucking her mercilessly. Only in my fantasy he didn’t just fuck Nicole – he pulled his hard dick from her pussy and forced it down my throat, made me suck it clean of her cunt juice and then forced it into my ass, making me beg for mercy as he fucked me. I knew that it could never happen – even if we managed to find a guy that was up for a 3-way it was unlikely he’d also be into guys – and even more importantly I didn’t think I’d be able to do all that in front of Nicole. After all, it’s one thing watching your husband fucking a series of women at swinging parties, and quite another watching him begging for another guy’s cock. (Or is it? I’ve often wondered whether women have the same reaction to good looking guys fucking each other as straight guys do towards girl on girl action – and to be honest I would be quite happy to put that theory to the test – if any girls out there get turned on by guy/guy stuff and have a boyfriend that’s curious you should get in touch!)

So, both as horny as fuck, we got a taxi to a bar in town that we had frequented before when we wanted to pick up a woman for our sessions. It was a relatively quiet night and there were only about 15 people there – some girls that we had played with, a couple of guys by the jukebox and a few couples. Our initial excitement disappeared – even though I secretly thought a couple of the guys were hot there was no-one here that Nicole liked the look of, and we settled down with a couple of drinks to wait. As the night drew on we became more despondent – a mood not helped by the multiple vodkas we were downing. This coupled with the cocaine we were snorting in the toilets and the fact that we had clearly chosen the wrong night for our adventure led to us both getting more agitated, and we decided to order a taxi to take us home.

By the time the taxi arrived we were both drunk, coked up, tense and unbelievably horny – and as we got in the back of the cab Nicole’s hand went immediately to my crotch and she started rubbing my cock through my jeans.

It’s amazing how coke and alcohol can make you ridiculously horny and fearless at the same time! As she rubbed my dick I struck up conversation with the cab driver, getting turned on by the fact that she was practically jacking me off while this guy drove us home, completely unaware of what was happening in the back of his car.

The cabby’s name, so he told me, was Terry, and he was am older guy, maybe about 40. He looked good for his age – clipped short cropped hair with a little silver at the temples and a muscular chest that proved he worked out.

And judging from the way he was driving, sniffing and chatting 19 to the dozen it was clear he has been on the nose before picking us up. We chatted for a while as we drove down the deserted streets, just the general small talk you make with cabbies – weather, football, weather – you know the score. I was still disappointed that we hadn’t pulled that evening, though the high from the Charlie and the vodka, plus Nicole’s insistent fumbling at my crotch was lightening the mood. I leant over and kissed her, slipping my tongue into her mouth and rolling it against hers. She giggled and pulled away teasingly

“So, what you guys been up to tonight?” Terry asked as Nicole started kissing my neck

“Not much mate” I replied “just a couple of drinks – you know….….so have you just started your shift?”

“Yeah mate – I only do nights….Don’t like driving in the day – too much fucking traffic….. when I drive at night the roads are mine!”

With that his foot hit the accelerator and we sped down the empty street. I laughed 4nc60f6rtab3y – nervous at how fast he was driving and anxious that he couldn’t see the fact that Nicole had reached inside my jeans.

“Fucking hell mate – take it easy!” I joked and caught his eye in the rear view mirror “You been on the chang tonight or what?”

He stared at me and for the first time I noticed the scar running down his cheek and the disjointed nose that looked as it had been broken more than once. Maybe this wasn’t a guy I should be joking with….I held my breath, wondering if I had overstepped the mark and was relieved when he laughed

“No more than you two by the looks of it………..and looks like it has the same effect on you as it does on me….”

“How do you mean?” I asked

“Makes me fucking horny mate…..and judging by what your woman’s up to I’d say it does the same for you …..” he adjusted his mirror and I wondered if he had been aware of Nicole’s antics all along “You two married or what…?”

“Married mate – two years” I replied.

“Looks like you’re still on fucking honeymoon mate…..”

“Yeah, well we like to keep things spicy”

“Really – like what?”

“Oh you know – this and that….you married?”

“Nah – divorced mate. The Mrs caught me playing away from home, picked up her stuff and left…..”

“Shit – sorry to hear that man” I paused, a little unsure of what to say next. Nicole’s fingers were driving me crazy - combined with the vodkas, coke and Terry’s lunatic driving I was suddenly really out of it

“Yeah, well you know……I can’t say I don’t miss her – especially at night – though you know, I have a lot of fun….”


“Yeah, well, you know sometimes you pick up a ride and, well you get a ride if you know what I mean”

There was a long silence and all of a sudden you could have cut the air with a knife. The cab seemed to be filled with sexual tension and I looked at Nicole and raised my eyebrows – okay, so we might not have been lucky in the bar, but maybe the night wasn’t over after all. This guy seemed up for it – he was as out of it as we were, clearly horny and not bad looking. I was about to ask her what she thought when she took charge of the situation

“So, what about tonight?” She asked

“Well” he smiled “no luck as yet….”

“Maybe your lucks about to change” Nicole whispered, her voice suddenly husky. Terry was one hard looking bastard all right, but also incredibly sexy – he looked the type that would fuck really hard and really dirty and I could tell that Nicole was thinking the same thing. The cab pulled to a stop outside our house. “Do you want to come inside for a while?”

Terry turned and looked at Nicole, then at me. My cock was throbbing madly - I have about 9 inches and it had never been so hard. I knew that this was because there was another guy there and prayed that Terry would accept the invitation.

“Why not” he smiled.

Once we got inside I pulled the wrap of cocaine from my jacket and cut three lines while Nicole poured us all a drink.

“Shit mate, I won’t be able to drive for a while if I have any more” Terry said as I offered him a rolled up 20

“Then you’ll just have to stay here for a while” Nicole responded, sitting next to him on the sofa. Terry leant forward and snorted the line, then passed the mirror to Nicole. Once I had followed suit I reached for the TV remote and flicked on the porno that we had left ready should we have pulled that evening. Rocco Siffredi appeared on screen, his enormous cock thrusting in and out of some lucky bitch’s pussy.

“Very nice” Terry murmured, tilting his head back to let the coke slip down his throat. I glanced at his crotch – his hard prick was pressing against his jeans and I suddenly wanted to kneel in front of him and take it in my mouth. Nicole caught my stare and looked at me curiously, then reached over and placed her hand on Terry’s thigh, stroking it slowly as he bought his head upright. He glanced at me, then at Nicole, as if unsure as to whether he should make his move.

Nicole beat him to it as she leant forward and kissed him, tenderly at first then with growing passion. He ran his hand up her thigh and slipped it under her skirt as they kissed, and I smiled, knowing that he would find her pussy free from underwear and by now very wet. Nicole hitched up her skirt and spread her legs as his fingers danced over her lips, then slowly found entry. He eased two fingers into her and she gasped, her tongue playing against his as his hand movements became rougher.

Enjoying the view of this hard fucking bastard fingering my wife’s pussy I freed my cock from my jeans and slowly started to jerk myself off. Nicole’s back was arched and her mouth stretched against Terry’s as he thrust his fingers into her. I could see her juices glistening on his hand while he thrust it back and forth – now three fingers inside, now four. Nicole screamed in pleasure and ground down against him, her breath coming in short sharp bursts as she rocked back and forth against his fingers. Terry pulled back and pulled down the top of her dress, revealing her beautiful firm tits. Her nipples were already hard as he licked and sucked at them greedily, heightening her pleasure while his fingers did their work. I could tell from her face that she was about to come and she cried out in passion as she climaxed, smothering him with her tits as her juices covered his hand.

Terry pulled his fingers from her cunt and licked them greedily, then bent forward to run his tongue over her pussy. Nicole was in ecstasy now and I stood up and stripped from my clothes. Walking to the sofa I eased my hard dick into her mouth and savoured the hot wet sensations as she started to suck me, her tongue stroking my shaft, making me even harder. At the same time Terry slid from the sofa and knelt in front of Nicole, spreading her legs wider as he buried his face into her cunt – I could hear the hungry slurping of his tongue as he started to eat her out.

“Yeah, fucking suck me” I groaned, and then to Terry “yeah, lick that cunt mate, lick my wife’s cunt…” I was thrusting into her mouth now and she sucked me harder, jerking the base of my cock whilst pressing Terry’s head into her crotch with her other hand. Fuck that felt good! Terry’s tongue was obviously as gifted as his fingers, and Nicole was clearly experiencing wave after wave of ecstasy as he licked and sucked at her.

“Wait” she groaned “wait – I want to see your cock…get your cock out”

Terry stood up and stripped off his shirt - his body was hard and muscular, his chest smooth and tanned. I stared in amazement as he undid his fly and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen – at least 12 inches, uncut and rock hard, the tip red and angry – Christ it was just asking to be sucked. I pulled my dick from Nicole’s mouth and guided her head to Terry’s throbbing manhood, a low moan escaping his lips as she ran her tongue up his shaft and flicked it over the tip of his knob. She slid her tongue back down to his balls and started to lick them, covering them in her spit and eventually taking them into her mouth and sucking, gently at first then more forcefully. I marvelled as Terry’s cock twitched and appeared to grow even harder. More than anything I wanted to take it into my mouth and taste him, to slide that amazing piece of meat between my lips as Nicole was doing now

“Mmmmm, yeah fucking suck it” Terry growled, slowly easing his dick in and out of her mouth. I grabbed the back of Nicole’s head and stated to force it down onto him, making her deep throat it until she almost choked on his massive length “Fuck yeah, that feels so fucking good, yeah suck it……fucking suck that cock bitch”

Terry was staring at me as I stood watching Nicole blow him – from past experience I knew that he was probably getting the blow job of a lifetime – and I started to jerk my own cock again, rolling the foreskin back and forth between my fingers. And then, to my amazement I watched as Terry reached towards me and took my length in his hand, jerking me between his fingers while he thrust into Nicole’s face. I groaned and started to ease back and forth into his fist, never losing eye contact with him as I fucked his hand.

“You like that?” he asked

“Fuck yeah” I replied. I reached up and stroked at his nipples, then pinched and twisted them until they were stiff and hard – Terry grunted and pulled my head towards him, then slid his tongue into my mouth as we started to kiss. Fuck, I hadn’t kissed another guy since the last time I had been with Andy – I could feel his stubble grazing my chin as his tongue rolled against mine and I kissed him passionately, his hand driving me wild as he wanked me roughly.

“You got a fucking nice cock on you mate” Terry whispered

“It’s nothing like yours” I replied, then groaned aloud as his tongue slid into my ear,

“Why don’t you get down there and help your wife suck my cock” he suggested while I squirmed at the pleasure his tongue and hands were providing. Nicole was greedily sucking on his dick, slurping and licking, covering it in her spit until it glistened and shone. I didn’t need to be asked twice – I dropped to my knees and stared in admiration at that gorgeous hard tool thrusting in and out of her mouth.

“Save some of that for me” I smiled as Nicole pulled Terry’s cock from between her lips. I could tell that she was confused but knew that I had to take that hard dick into me and so leant forward and started to suck on him.

“Mmmmm – that’s fucking nice mate” Terry said appreciatively as I slowly slid my mouth down to the base of his shaft, then to Nicole “yeah, get behind me and tongue my ass”

Nicole slipped from the sofa and knelt behind Terry – his hands were now cradling my head and pulling my face down onto his cock – it had been so long since I had sucked cock that I had forgotten how good it could taste.

Though his size was nearly choking me I wanted more and more and I sucked him in hungrily as Nicole started to lick his ass. Terry clearly appreciated the sensations of my mouth on his dick and her tongue sliding along his crack and he started to moan continuously as our mouths did their work. I pulled his cock from my mouth and started sucking on his balls, all the time jerking that massive tool, while Nicole played with my own throbbing member.

Fuck I was so stiff – my mind was reeling as his cock waved infront of my face – I had fantasised about this moment for so long that I could hardly believe it was actually happening – memories of my times with Paul, Andy and David filled my head and all I could think about was getting hard cock inside me, having Terry’s massive tool thrusting hard and deep into my ass, making me scream with pain and ecstasy. Terry grabbed my head and forced it back down onto his dick, banging his cock against the roof of my mouth while Nicole’s tongue probed his asshole

“Fuck yeah, yeah…..” he grunted “shit I’m gonna have to fuck you soon”

I wasn’t sure which one of us he was talking to, but presumed that it was Nicole. I reached down to her shaven cunt and fingered her wildly, wanting her to be as wet as possible for that massive cock. She gasped in pleasure and spread her legs wider, thrusting down onto my fingers as eagerly as she had done with Terry a few minutes before. I knew that she was ready for his cock and couldn’t wait to see him ramming that massive tool inside her, watching his tight firm ass bouncing up and down as he fucked her brains out. I freed his cock from the warm prison of my mouth and stood up to kiss him

“You want me to fuck her?” he asked as I kissed him, enjoying the feeling of his massive muscular arms encircling me.

“Yeah mate – fuck her – fuck her til she screams”

Terry grabbed Nicole and lifted her to her feet. His fingers were back inside her again and they kissed passionately, Terry’s cock throbbing against her thigh.

“You got any condoms mate?” Terry asked

“No wait…” Nicole ran her tongue over his lips “don’t cover up – I want you to fill me with your spunk”

Terry didn’t need asking twice. He pushed her back onto the sofa and spread her legs, revealing her wet glistening pussy in all its glory. Wanting to see his cock slide into her I crouched behind him and marvelled at the thickness of his shaft as he rubbed it against her cunt lips, then slowly sought entry into her hot wet pussy. His cock slid slowly inside her and I positioned my mouth over his balls and started sucking them as he eased himself inside, sinking into her until his entire shaft was buried in her cunt.

Nicole gasped as he started to fuck her, his cock going in deeper and harder than I had ever been. Both were grunting like animals as she bucked up to meet his increasingly aggressive thrusts, my tongue working in his balls, then sliding up to his ass. I spread his cheeks and flicked my tongue over his tight pink asshole, then licked and sucked at it greedily

“Oh yeah….yes! Yes!” Nicole grabbed at Terry’s back and pulled him deeper into her, while I shifted position to lick his cock as it rammed into her.

His cock was slathered in her juices and I gladly licked it clean, only for him to plunge it back into her cunt, going deeper and harder, deeper and harder. He pulled his cock free and forced it into my mouth, shoving it down my throat, then pulled free and started to fuck Nicole again, her snatch by now red raw with the royal screwing she was receiving. I could tell from the groaning and screaming that she was about to come again and I stood up to watch, my own cock twitching hot and ready for action, my mouth filled with the taste of her pussy and Terry’s cock and asshole. She arched her back as she came, eyes rolling in ecstasy, dragging her nails across his back and drawing blood. Terry slammed into her wildly, his ass bucking up and down, his grunts louder and more aggressive

“Yeah, you fucking whore, yeah take my fucking cock” he was swearing and shouting now, his face red and sweating. His cock thrust into her again and again as she convulsed with the force of her orgasm. My cock was next to his face as he fucked her and I gasped with delight as he took it into his mouth, sucking me forcefully as if willing the spunk from my balls, all the time banging Nicole harder and harder. I could hardly take it and told him that I was about to cum – but instead of letting me pull out he sucked me even harder, and I knew that he wanted to swallow my spunk. I thrust into his mouth and felt wave after wave of pleasure as my cock tensed and sprayed it’s hot salty load down his throat. Terry swallowed every drop and then threw his head back, his muscles tensing as he started to cum. Quickly I knelt behind him to watch the muscles in his righteous ass tensing as he delivered load after load of spunk into Nicole’s dripping pussy

“Fuck yeah!” he yelled, pulling out so that the last of his spunk shot across her tits and belly. Shit, he came like a fucking fountain – his cum was everywhere. I grabbed his cock and took it back in my mouth, sucking every last drop of his spunk down my throat, savouring that taste that I had missed for so long. I could feel his cock softening in my mouth and knew that he was spent – the massive load that he had shot had left him trembling and exhausted, and I envied Nicole the experience of having his stud fuck her. Now there could be no turning back – I knew what I wanted and I knew I had to have it as often as possible – I wanted cock and I wanted it hard, violent and dirty.

As he pulled himself free and we collapsed exhausted onto the sofa I knew that everything had changed and the look in Nicole’s eyes said exactly the same thing. Not only had she watched her husband suck and lick at another man, she had seen him experience a greater sense of pleasure than he had in

2 years of marriage.

So by the time that Terry had gotten dressed and left the house I guess you could say that my marriage was effectively over.

And a new adventure was about to begin.