Written by Tommy

25 Apr 2004

Peter, my friend was supposed to take me home that night but his car failed to start so he arranged with his mother for me to stay at their house overnight in the spare room. I said goodnight to Peter and had just gone to bed. As I visited the bathroom, I could see my friends mother, Sally, taking off her clothes and was just taking off her bra, when she spotted me looking at her.

Sally smiled and took her bra off revealing her very large but firm tits. Sally knew I was looking at her. She then started to pull down her panties and as she pulled them down she bent down turning round to make sure I was still looking. I saw her very big arse and my cock was getting bigger by the second.

I rushed to the bathroom to have a piss, pulled the chain and went back to my room. I took of my pants and got into bed thinking of my friend mother fully naked. I started to feel my cock as I was getting rather aroused thinking about what happened when the door open very quietly and it was Sally. She had only a very flimsy night gown on. She told me to be quiet not to wake up Peter.

She came to my bed and turned the sheet down exposing my erected cock of 8". She started to touch the shaft with her hands and bend down with her mouth open ready to take the whole length deep into her mouth. She started to give me "Deep Throat" and I felt my cock throbbing in her mouth.

I was always turned on by very big women and she was just what I wanted. Big tits with erected nipples, big thighs, big arse. I managed to slide my body on top of her large belly and head way down the bed to her big thighs. She opened her big thighs and I opened the lips of her cunt wide and placed my tongue inside her damp pussy licking her clit. As I was licking her pussy, she managed to open my arse and put her fingers into my arse hole rubbing it softly inside.

This was real ectasy.

I licked her and licked her until she started to groan. I knew she was enjoying this as much as I was. She groaned louder until suddenly she was absolutely soaking wet.....she came.

I turned around and saw my cock was now a full 9" and very stiff and throbbing. Sally started to wank me her hand going up and down the thick shaft. I felt the spunk rising in my cock. She loved every hand movement she made. I started to finger Sally both in her cunt and up her arse. She was a wonderful "Wanker" and eventually I could feel the spunk rising and rising and suddenly Sally jerked me and it spurted out at least 2ft in the air maybe 3 times. After it was finished Sally whispered to me....lets do it again later.....

Sally and I did it 3 times that night and I was so pleased I stayed overnight. When I saw my friend Peter in the morning he had not a clue what went on between me and his mother Sally.

I now take any opportunity to stay over at Peters mothers house as often as I can.