Written by sensualguysixty9

17 Mar 2004

Finding the 'right' match can be very difficult.Julie and her Hubby B and I corresponded initially by e.mail My new friends were a happily married couple aged early fifties, intellignet, respectful and with a loving desire to explore a few fantacies before they reached 'sell by date! Sure, the three of us were very nervous at first and it took several mails before we cahtted at ease on the telephone. My desires were to take a Lady to 'New Heights' (in the arms of Hubby and Lover)Hubby? well he just wished to admire his Lady Wife being worhsiped by another Guy Her Ladyship? she just relished the thought of being the centre of attention between two adoring Males. I simply spoiled Madame. I shocked and excitede Hubby I sent presents for them. Fully fashioned stockings for her and a cockring for him. B and I are both Legmen and Julie has a superb pair of legs and I deleighted in buying her tights and stockings to excite both Julie and B. Ourlate night telephone conversations were exciting as they made love we chatted, I made suggestions which heightened their lovemaking. We were apprehensive concerning a meeting. We arranged finite details.Abnticipation. Fear. Shyness. Our first meeting in a bar all fueled by drink to give us 'Dutch Courage'. We made seperate ways home and over the next few weeks our desires were fuelled by e.mails texts and telephone chats. We booked rooms at the Hotel . It was a dinner dance and B and I took turns is dancing with Julie. Anyone present must have wondered which of us Guys were Hubby to our Darling Wife.The three of us retreated to one of our rooms. B poured us brandy and I gulped mine down and retreated to bed. I lay naked in the crisp clean sheets feeling kind of relaxed. Julie appeared in the doorway and in the dim light I sensed her undressing. She was naked except for a pair of sheer dark grey suspender tights. Then, she climbed into bed beside me. I was in heaven as her warm body moulded into mine. We kissed. I ran my hands over her nyloned legs and through her hair, we engulfed each other. B appeared athe door. The rules! I knew the rules. I was not allowed to penetrate Julie in an act of intercourse> Instead I delved downe her body nibbling and kissing her neck boobs and tummy before teasing her thighs with my tongue. Then I found it. My Madames clitoris.I took it gently between my teeth. B's presence was strong. I sensed him climbing onto the bed and taking the head of his lovely wife nto his hands. He was kissing her now. French kissing he. Kissing the lips of her mouth as I kissed her pussy. It was divine. They were whispering words of love, they were married and loved each other and were fulfilling a fantacy of introducing another Male to their bed. To pleasure them. Eventually we moved into a position that involved my reward. Julie and I were in a sixy nine. Sweetheart had taken my little dicky and rolloed on a flavoured rubber, then she fellated me into her mouth.I was underneath my Mistress working her to a climax by nibbling and teasing her clitoris with my tongue. All of a sudden B behind her!his thick throbbing penis rubbing against the cleavage of her ample bottom. Was he going to bugger her.........I wondered? No he started to penetrate her pussy. My reaction? to continue slurping at her clitoris enjoying her gasps and moans as she was stimulated. But then! B's heavy balls on my chin. A first for me! I started to tease them, it drove him to deeper desires. He began to fuck his Lady Wife harder and with more passion than ever before. Why? To show off to me. To make a statement. THIS IS MY WIFE THIS IS HOW I FUCK HER SHE IS MINE! B was like a Bull in rut. The bed was rocking like a ship in a storm and the three of us were grunting and groaning like animals at the Zoo. I was loving them both with my tongue lashing at Julies clitoris and also caressing the veiny underside of B's cock as it shuttled in and out of his darling wife. My new friends wwere expreiencing something they never imagined possible they were both bieng orally stimulated as they mated, enjoyed their intercourse together. I concentrated intensly on pleasing them my tongue becomeing the centre of my being as i worshoped the very centre of their mating. Then I sensed Julie and B nearing their climax. I desperately wanted both of them to come together B was now nearing his peak he caressed his wifes nyloned legs as he fucked merrily away above me. This man could fuck. He was an experienced lover and completely in tune with Julies body. I sensed him inserting a finger into Julies anus and he began to finger fuck her dark sweaty warm hole in time with his thrusting penis. I was learning a lot from this man, how to pleasure a Lady. The couple howled and cried through their orgasm aided and assisted and loved by my tongue and lips B collapsed on top of Julie his pensis still embeded within her. I bore their weight and scrambled form beneath them, I knelt beside them as they cuddled in orgasmic blis. I planted feather light kisses on Julies back and fell to the foot of the bed to worhsip and adore Julies nylon cload legs and feet. Oh sweet Heaven. They left the country last year and I long for anothe relationship with the 'Right' couple. Perhaps they will write and befriend me. xxxxxxxxxx