Written by Keith

15 Dec 2005

I lost my wife six years ago, I was inconsolable, she was the love of my life. It took me over a year to get myself together because we were so close. She was as highly sexed as I was and we had it every day, so it was hardly surprising that I suffered withdrawal symptoms. We had for some years had holidays in Turkey and that first summer after she died I went to the same place, more in remembrance than anything else. On the first morning I went down to the beach and sat where we normally had sat. There was a rather striking blonde woman lying on a towel under a parasol right next to me, I said hello but left it at that, I really didn't feel like talking to anyone. And that was how the holiday went. However the following year time had eased my feelings and I decided to go to the same place again, we knew quite a lot of people there, they had been shocked when I told them the news and were very sympathetic. When I got down to the beach that second year I was surprised to see the same blonde woman in the same place right next to me. I said hello again and a lot more cheerfully than the year before. I noticed too that in her one-piece costume she displayed a feature that had always attracted me in a woman, a very prominent mons veneris. The old Adam rose in me and for the first time a felt a sexual urge. We started talking and I learnt that she, like my late wife and I had been holidaying in Turkey for many years. She was married but nowadays her husband didn't accompany her. I told her of my situation and she was duly sympathetic and we maintained a friendly silence as we both read books with just the occasional word. As usual about halfway through the morning I wanted a coffee so, as I got up I asked Dani, as she was named, if she would like to join me and she did. Up at my favourite bar we were served immediately and the owner came and had a few words, Dani was apparently impressed. We sat with our coffees and began talking again, Dani asked me what effect my wife's death had had on me. It gradually came round to my personal feelings and she soon extracted the fact that I was frustrated because of the loss of an ideal sexual partner. She told me that she had also been in a situation where her husband had lost, through an illness, his sex drive and she had beconme equally frustrated. She was a very attractive woman, with a good figure, I guessed that she was about ten years younger than I was, I was forty seven at the time. As we walked back to our places on the beach I casually said that I thought that we could well be the answer to each other's frustration as I found her extremely attractive. She smiled and said that she had been thinking the same. In the end I suggested that we had dinner together that evening and she agreed.

I met her outside her hotel that evening and after a short wander round the shops took her to a restaurant where I was well known. It was on the roof of a building and overlooked the sea and the magnificent bay that the town was set in, Dani was suitably impressed. Again the owner came to have a word and ask how I was getting on and gave us a bottle of wine to have with our meal. Of course we talked and our conversation soon became intimate, I told her how much I wanted to sleep with her and she reciprocated. I'd had a couple of rakis and Dani a couple of vodka and tonics before the meal, as well as the wine, so our conversation was more open than it otherwise might have been. In the end Dani said, 'I do want to sleep with you, Keith, but I have got to be honest. I have been coming to Turkey, twice a year for years, on my own, for one reason only, sex. I go to the bars where they have dancing, get together with a nice young Turkish lad and bed him. I'm not ashamed of it, it's the only sex I have and sex is a necessity for me. I wouldn't want you to be under any misapprehension so, if what I've told you puts you off, I'll understand.' I appreciated Dani's honesty and to be honest I had heard of women coming to Turkey for the very reason Dani had just given so it didn't put me off and I told her so. She was so pleased. We left the restaurant after a couple of hours and then had another walk round for a while. Dani said, 'How are we going to arrange this?' I said, 'Well, I don't think my hotel would be too pleased about me taking a woman up to my room, some of them are very strict here.' She laughed, 'That doesn't apply to mine, which is one reason that I stay there! Although they would probably be surprised at me taking an Englishman to my room!' We had a laugh and gradually made our way in the direction of where she was staying.

Once in her room we grabbed each other and kissed passionately, I was as hard as a rock instantly. When we broke Dani said, 'Come on let's have a shower then we can have fun!' She led by stripping (thus proving that her excellent figure was all her own)and taking my hand as I shed my briefs,led me to the shower room. It was a typical Middle-Eastern 'wet-room', i.e. with a tiled floor gently sloping to a drain in the middle of the floor. We washed each other tenderly, I was surprised at how firm Dani's breasts were, 'benefit of never having had kids' she told me, she was shaved too and her magnificent mound was divided by a longlipped cunt, the lips rounded and slightly pink. She loved my eight inch cock and knelt to take it in her mouth after we'd washed. The touch of her lips nearly made me come on the spot and I had to plead with her to stop, 'Well lick mine then!' she said and I did. Her lips parted instantly and revealed a dark coral pink interior already wet with her love juice. She proved to have a massive clitoris too which I was able to suck just as she had sucked my cock. She sighed and came gently, 'Just right!' she said, 'Now come and fuck me!' We dried quickly

and grabbing a large dry towel made for the bed. She was a beautiful kisser and the way she caressed my skin caused goosebumps all over me. She whispered, 'You made me lovely and wet in there now fuck me,' I moved over her as she parted her legs, I directed my cock at her cunt and it slid straight in. Unable to help myself I fucked her hard and came in about thirty seconds! My first for well over two years. 'Don't worry,' she said kissing me tenderly, 'let it soak, it'll get hard again in a minute and you can give me a nice long fucking.' I was surprised again when I realised how tight she was, but what with my spunk up her and the amount of love-juice she continued to produce my cock truly did soak. Nevertheless I soon felt her tightening on me with a regular rhythm that got me hard in less than ten minutes. I started to fuck her again and she moaned with pleasure, it was the sloppiest fuck I had ever experienced with all that stuff squirting out of her cunt and all over her thigfhs and belly. It was also one of the most erotic, she so obviously enjoyed what was happening to her and came and came. I have always been able to last and was determined to give her as much pleasure as I could and when she appeared to lose consciousness for a second or two I withdrew then went down on her and started tonguing her cunt. She was absolutely wide open with spunk and juice pouring out of her, I drank from her, tongue fucked her and teased her clit with my tongue. Gasping for breath I filled my mouth and, sliding up her body, pushed my cock into her then expelled everything from my mouth into hers. She swallowed noisily then came with a great shudder, crying out as the thhrills overwhelmed her. What a fuck that was, I've had a lot of women in my time but never one, including my late wife, who

gave me so much pleasure. I must have fucked her for going on half an hour and when she finally felt my breath shorten she gasped, 'Cum over me, I want to see it!' and I did, great spurts shot all over her willing body and even her face. She came again as she watched and felt my spunk hitting her and I kissed her passionately, my lips sliding over her face and the film of juice and spunk.

Well that was the first time, when I have more time, I'll tell you what followed.