Written by Anon

9 Jul 2005

Hi my name is Sarah I'm married, 38 years of age, and I have a curvy womanly figure and I'm told I have a pretty smiling face with shoulder length brown hair.

My son Lee is 18 and had recently moved into a quite rundown bedsit in town and was experiencing his first taste of independence. One day last summer I received a phone call from his landlord to say that Lee had not paid him any rent for 5 months and that when asked for it Lee had gone beserk and hit him giving the man a black eye and had run off as the man had threatened to call the Police. I asked the man not to do that and said I would be down to sort things out with him.

I arrived at the bedsit block and knocked on the tatty door which was opened by the Landlord, a scruffy man in his 60's who was sporting a sore looking eye and I instantly recognised him as Len who was an old friend of my dad. We said hello to each other and walked through to his groundfloor bedsit and he explained about the outstanding rent and the scuffle that he and Lee had about it. I apologised for Lee and said that I would pay him the backrent back a bit each month and apologised again for his eye. "You're Jim's daughter, aren't you?" asked Len and I nodded "I knew you'd grow up to be a good looking woman" he said. Len walked over to a pile of top shelf magazines on the side and thumbed through the top copy until he found a photograph of a naked model on all fours showing everything she's got. Len showed me the photo "look at that you can almost see what she had for breakfast" pointing at the near gynaecological photos "I've not seen a real one in years, decades even" he said. "I might forget about the back rent and black eye in the excitement if I were to see a real naked woman" Len said and I felt a shock of excitement run through me as I knew what he was hinting at. The room was silent and all sorts of thoughts raced through my mind as to what I should do. I reasoned with myself that Len was certainly not dangerous and that by showing him my normally private girly parts I could sort out a problem and might even enjoy myself teasing him. Len stopped thumbing through the magazine and looked over at me and raised his eyebrows. I couldn't believe what I was saying and agreeing to when I stood up from the sofa and told him that I'd strip for him.

Len pointed me towards his unmade bed and hurredly said "over here" ushering me towards it and pulled a chair to the bottom of the bed which he eagerly sat in. The day was the hottest day of the summer up to now and Len was starting to sweat a little from the summer heat and the excitement of seeing a real naked woman for the first time in years. Apart from my husband no other man had seen me naked before as we had married when I was 18 and the butterflies were building up in my tummy as I was about to strip bare for a man in his 60's! I stood between Len and the bottom of the bed and kicked off my shoes. With it being so hot I was wearing a light summer dress so I turned and asked Len to unzip the dress. Len stood up behind me and his hands ran under my arms and onto my full round breasts which he squeezed through the material. I knew that Len would want to touch me but I thought that he might have waited a little longer! I slapped Len's hands and told him to undo the zip which he did and I allowed the light dress to fall from my shoulders and down my body. I stepped out of the dress and climbed onto the bed out of hands reach and sat upright with my legs crossed in front of me. My hands went my bra clasp and undid the clip and I slowly let the bra fall from me so that my arm was teasingly hiding my breasts from Len "do you want to see them?" I teased Len and he could only nod and stare as I moved my arms to free my boobs to his gaze. "Wow, you have filled out haven't you, you've get a great pair of tits Sarah" said Len and I could see that my nipples had become erect. I knelt on all fours and crawled towards Len and he stared at my soft tits swinging and wobbling below me. Len's hands instinctively came forward and squeezed them repetitively and I could see that there was a stirring in his pants as he pulled on my nipples. I moved away from Len still on all fours and stopped to allow Len's hands roam all over my panty clad bottom. Len's hand was pushing the panty cotton into my bum crack and I felt it pass over my anus through the material as it moved towards my vagina. "Patience Len" I joked "you're like a teenager who can't wait to get into a girl's knickers for the first time!" My heart was racing as I sat on the bed and slowly pulled my knickers down and off to leave me totally naked but apart from a few stray hairs Len still couldn't see what he wanted to look at as I'd pulled my knees up to my chest. Len was now getting over excited and his eyes were pleading for me to open up for him. Slowly I shuffled my bum towards the bottom of the bed and I thought I was going to faint as I said to myself "here goes". I lay back on the bed and my breasts wobbled. I looked away from Len as he put his hands onto my knees and slowly pushed my legs wide open so that he could see what he wanted to see between them. "It's been a long time since I've seen a real fanny" said Len. Len surprisingly sensed that I was now feeling a little embarrassed and vulnerable showing him everything I've got "don't be embarrassed Sarah you're making an old man very happy" which made me feel a little more comfortable. I looked down at Len who was framed by my legs but his gaze was transfixed between them. Len's hands were slowly sliding up my thighs and Len said "I'm just going to open up your lovely little slit for a look inside, ok? and his thumbs pressed through my bushy pubic hair onto my pussy lips and gently pushed them open and he said that he wanted to see if he could see my cervix which I don't know if he managed or not. "I forgot how much I love women" said Len as he pushed a finger inside me and tickled my clitoris with his thumb. I felt excited by the fact that I was lying stark naked on a bed with my legs wide open and letting a fully clothed old man, a friend of may father, open my genitals and look and finger around inside me. "As well as great tits you've got a lovely tight pink little cunt hole Sarah I'd love to fuck it" said Len. I told Len that I couldn't go that far which he accepted. Len tapped my legs and told me to get on all fours as that was his favourite magazine pose and he hadn't seen my "arse" yet. I turned and knelt on all fours with my legs together and Len put his hands between my thighs and pushed my knees apart. "That's a great view" said Len "I can see your tits, your slit, and what a great arse, in fact.." and Len stopped "I can also see your shitter if I pull your bum cheeks open." My tummy was now doing spirals as Len pushed my bum cheeks apart and I knew that he was looking up my bum and could see my bum hole which I don't think my husband of 20 years had ever seen more than a glimpse of. "Have you ever been fucked up there?" asked Len and I told him that I hadn't. I couldn't stop Len if I'd wanted to as I heard him put his finger in his mouth for lubrication and then run it down my bum crack until he tickled my anus and slowly eased his finger into my back passage. Len's finger made beckoning motions inside my bum and I never realised how naughty and pleasurable this could feel. "You won't let me fuck your cunt Sarah how about up your shitter? Len asked. I was surprisingly enjoying having Len's finger inside my "shitter" but even having concerns about the pain of being anally stretched by Len's penis didn't stop me from saying yes to Len's request to do something new sexually to me. "Excellent" said Len and it felt weird being naked on all fours whilst Len popped to the bathroom to get some lubrication. Len returned and his hand when straight between my bum cheeks and his finger entered into my rectum with ease as it was coated with vaseline which Len proceeded to work into my rear hole. I heard Len unzipping his trousers and lowering them and then he approached me and pulled my bum cheeks open. Len was now moving his penis around my bum hole and I could feel him gradually easing it inside me little by little until the head was inside and I squeeled at the pleasurable pain as the rest of his penis followed easily. Len started to fuck my arse hole and I could feel his sweat dripping onto me "christ that's tight Sarah" said Len as he leant forward to squeeze my tits whilst buggering my little hole. Len told me that this was the first time that he'd "shagged a bird up the arse" and he pulled out of me and sprayed his sperm all over my bum crack. I stayed on all fours and Len stood behind me for what seemed an age and Len said that he just wanted to look up my bum and watch my anal hole close and return to normal which I didn't mind as he'd seen every part of me anyway that afternoon.

Len and I passed some pleasantries before I left and he did forget about the backrent and black eye. It's amazing what a nice pair of tits, a tight cunt hole and an even tighter bum hole will make men forget!!