Written by W.G.Strachan

4 Mar 2005

As I stood at the bar, I saw her walk in. She was very tall compared to most of the girls in the room. Her hair was long, dark and curly, framing a face that was quite pretty; her eyes were like deep pools, above a small upturned nose. Her mouth was wide and full of promise, like a fresh strawberry. I watched as some of the men in the bar gathered around her, like bees around honey all trying to impress. She ordered a drink, paid, and then turned around as if surveying the room. I caught her eye and smiled as looked at me, happy to have been noticed above all the men jostling for her attention. I watched her throughout the evening as she continued to drink, wondering whom she was going to take home that night. I smiled to myself as the men were gradually discarded like old clothes, finishing their drinks and going elsewhere to try and find some company. Eventually the pub was almost empty, and I began to invite a certain few to stay behind, as was my custom at weekends, needless to say I asked the tall girl to stay as well.

The next couple of hours passed rather quickly, and the few friends I had invited all left, leaving just the girl and myself. We talked for a while discussing various things and the talk slowly got more and more risqué. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her to me, kissing her cheek as I did so. She responded by facing me and her arms went around my shoulders, pulling me closer and kissing me full on the lips. I edged her towards a barstool and perched her on the top, my leg in-between her thighs, kissing her face and neck. We ran our hands around each other’s shoulders and backs, feeling our passions beginning to rise. I eased my hands up the back of her blouse and gently undid her bra, allowing her breasts to surge forward, free of constraint. I began to undo the buttons up the front of her blouse, which sparkled in the faint light of the back-bar. As I undid her front, she loosened the sleeves and allowed me to remove the blouse, her breasts rising and falling within the loose bra. I kissed my way around her neck and shoulders, trailing down towards her breasts, removing the bra as I went. Her nipples were firm and proud, jutting forward like little rockets, her breasts heavy and full. I began to kiss and nuzzle my way around her nipples, feeling them get even harder in my mouth as I sucked on them. She was pulling my head into her breasts, her fingers entwined in my hair, my nose squashed into my face but I didn’t care I was enjoying myself.

She removed my shirt, and began to trail her fingers up and down my back, her nails leaving little lines where they dragged against my skin. I stood her up and undid the hook and zip on her skirt, it slithered to the floor, rustling over her stockings; I could almost hear the static as it fell, bunching around her ankles. She stepped lightly out of the skirt and deftly flicked it up to fall on a chair in a crumpled heap. I stood back as she did this, and marvelled at the length of her legs encased in sheer silk, thinking how I would like them wrapped around my neck. She pulled the tongue of my belt out of my pants and began to undo my buckle, my button and my zip followed rapidly. Easing my pants over my hips and bottom, she pushed and pulled them down. Her face inches away from my groin; I could feel the heat of her breath as she struggled to remove my pants, my cock stiff in my shorts. Finally she stood up, towering over me, her breasts almost level with my chin. We grabbed each other tightly, and began to kiss feverishly, our hands roaming over each other’s bodies, frantic in our passion.

I began to lead her over to the pool table, her thighs swishing as she walked; the anticipation of what was to come was like a heavy feeling in my chest. I sat her on the end of the pool table and pushed her gently backwards, kissing my way down towards her breasts, teasing her nipples, nipping them gently in my teeth. I could hear her beginning to pant as I worked my way down to her navel, licking at the ring in her belly, moving slowly downwards towards my prize. I could smell the sweetness of her pussy as I licked my way down to her thighs, saving the best till last. Putting my arm under her thighs I lifted her legs up into the air, her bottom rising off the table. I then eased her panties up over her bottom, her pussy winking at me wetly, and the hairs of her pussy damp with passion. Throwing her panties to one side I began to kiss my way down the inside of her leg. The feeling of her stocking against my face was electric; I could feel the hairs on my head standing as I continued down towards her moist pussy. I licked my way around her pussy without actually touching the lips or her love button, knowing this would make her squirm more. She grabbed my hair, her fingers gripping tightly as she tried to get me to lick her lips, I forced my way downwards to her bottom, licking at her ring as she began to gasp in pleasure, her legs almost touching her chest, spreading herself wider. I moved my fingers onto her pussy, spreading her lips wide, swollen with passion; I began to lick gently up towards her clitoris.

The sweetness of her come was like ambrosia. Slowly I began to flick her clitoris with my tongue, her button moving back and forwards. I built up speed feeling her starting to twitch as her orgasm began to build, like little electric shocks, her bottom lifting up and down on the table. I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy as she started to come, my nose rubbing away at her clitoris, her hands pulling my face tighter into her pussy. I could hear her gasping and moaning as the orgasm raced through her body, tingling away like pins and needles. I could see the flush of her body, as if she had gotten into a hot bath, her skin almost burning. Gradually she began to calm down, her legs dropping down over the edge of the table. I lifted my face from her pussy, licking my lips, savouring the taste of her come. She put her hands around the sides of my face and pulled me upwards, squashing her breasts as she leaned up to kiss me. She pulled me up onto the table, her toes in the band of my shorts, sliding them down. Pulling me on top of her and kissing her way down my chest. I could feel my cock rub against her pussy and her belly, as she continued to pull me upwards, sliding my cock through the valley of her breasts and into her warm moist mouth. I held my body up as she began to suck gently on my cock; I could feel her teeth, dragging gently as she took my full length into her mouth. She held my balls, rolling them gently as she sucked my cock.

The sensation was out of this world, my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, her tongue rolling around the tip and under my foreskin. After a while I eased away from her mouth, sliding back down her body, my cock leaving a snail like trail between her breasts from her saliva. I stood up at the end of the table, looking down at her naked body, stretched out, legs dangling .Her pubic hairs glistening with moisture, her breasts full and proud, and her nipples firm and erect. I grabbed hold of her legs and lifted them up in the air, pulling them apart like a wishbone, her pussy spreading as I did so. I pulled her closer to me, so that her bottom rested on the edge of the table, my cock waving around straining to enter her pussy. I moved slowly towards her, my cock bouncing up and down, I could feel the heat of her pussy against the head of my cock. Then slowly, very slowly I began to ease my way into her warm, wet pussy. The tip of my cock began parting her pussy lips, moving slowly inwards, deeper and deeper, until finally I could go no further, our pubic hairs mingling. I began to draw back and then move forward, slowly at first, but as we built up a rhythm.

I started to go a little faster, helped by her hands clasping my waist, pulling me to her, faster and harder as our passions rose. I could feel my cock squelching wetly inside her as her pussy squeezed me tightly. I moved my hands up to her breasts, squeezing them hard, seeing red marks from my fingers. Taking her nipples and pulling them, watching them stretch and stiffen, leaning forward I took them in my mouth, sucking deeply, rolling them around my tongue. I started to fuck her harder, slamming my cock into her pussy, feeling her thighs slapping against my belly. Both of us were starting to pant and moan, as the waves of pleasure built up, I could see her beginning to flush as her orgasm started to roll over her, I could feel my balls tingling and start to tighten up, ready to come. Harder and faster we went, the sweat rolling down our bodies, our voices getting louder as finally we came. She was whimpering and gasping as she let go, her body twitching as if she was having electric shocks, her skin glowing pinkly, her nipples erect. I could feel my balls clench as they squeezed the come out in spurts, deep inside her. Still slamming into her, I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock, milking me dry. Slowly we subsided, our orgasms spent, I felt my limp cock drop out of her wet pussy.

We cuddled, feeling the need just to hold each other for a while, kissing softly, not speaking, so as not to spoil the moment. After a while she began to fondle my balls, rolling them in her hands, pulling on my cock, stretching me, and getting me hard again. Once she had me hard, we rolled off the table and holding me by my cock, she turned around and bent over. Leaning over the table, she pulled me towards her, guiding my cock into her waiting pussy. I entered easily and began to move in and out. I reached round to her breasts, grabbing them like handles as I pulled myself into her pussy, fucking her. She put one hand between her thighs, and grabbed my balls, squeezing them gently as if milking me. We did this for a while and then she pulled away, my cock dropping out of her pussy, glistening with her juices. She made me lay on the table, my cock standing up in the air; she climbed up over me and straddled my waist. Kneeling she eased her bottom backwards, sliding down onto my cock, her wet pussy gripping me as she began to set up her own rhythm. Keeping her shoulders still, she slid her hips backwards and forwards, my cock almost coming out on each forward stroke, then she slid back taking my cock back deep inside her. I just lay there, playing with her nipples and sometimes playing with her clitoris as she slid forwards.

As she built up to her own orgasm, I held onto her hips, keeping her down on my cock, feeling her clitoris rubbing against my pubic bone. She went faster and faster as her orgasm started to peak, her nails digging into my chest. Suddenly she tensed as she came, her knees squeezing my sides, her pussy clamping on my cock, her mouth opened wide as she groaned her way through her orgasm. Slowly she relaxed as she finished coming, leaning forward onto my chest, my cock still hard inside her. I eased her off me and knelt on the table, I turned her over onto her hands and knees, and spreading her legs, I pushed my cock in hard. I heard her gasp as it went in deep. I began to build up my own rhythm as I gripped her hips, banging into her, our thighs slapping together. I could hear her whimper as I fucked her harder and harder. She dropped her elbows to the table, her hands holding the end, as I slammed her harder, hearing her pussy squelching. I could feel my cock seeming to swell even more as my orgasm built up, my balls tingling, ready for release. Suddenly I began to grunt as my balls erupted, my cock twitching as my spunk jetted into her wet pussy. I felt her rubbing frantically at her clitoris, as she joined me in another orgasm. I clung tightly to her as my orgasm faded my cock still hard; I could feel her trying to move off me. Letting her go she spun round on the table and took my cock into her mouth.

She began to suck hard as if trying to draw my balls up, I could feel some of my come filling her mouth. My cock started to go limp, even though she was sucking for all she was worth; finally I slipped from her mouth. We sat up on the table cross-legged, looking at each other; I could see my come trickling out of her pussy onto the table. I remember thinking that I would have to clean the table before I opened the next day, but that it was worth it. I asked her if she wanted a drink before she had to go home, she said yes and as we got dressed I said that I had enjoyed what we had done. She agreed that it was good, and that maybe we could do it again sometime. After we had our drinks and I let her out, I sat in the bar and had a few more drinks and then thought what the hell, it was good while it lasted and if it comes up again, I would go for it. I think most men would.