Written by filkay

9 Apr 2006

Seeing a story here earlier today reminded me of something that happened a few years ago. I was flat hunting with my girlfriend and we were to meet an agent at a flat in Southsea so they could show us around. When the agent arrived I noticed she was a sexy young woman, I can’t remember her name now, but she was about 5’10”, slim, long blonde hair. She was wearing a short pink skirt, a white blouse and a pink jacket. She led the way up the stairs and I was next, I could see up her skirt from behind and was sure she wasn’t wearing any pants. I looked for a VPL but there was none so I believed I was right. The agent received a phone call which she went outside to take and then my girlfriend asked me if I had noticed she wasn’t wearing any pants. Of course I had I told her and we started getting quite horny and started kissing, I had my hand in my girlfriends jeans and was fingering her when the agent walked in. Although we jumped apart it was obvious what was going on.

Later that day we decided to take the flat so I rang the agent and told her, she said she could do the inventory straight away if I want so I agreed. My girlfriend was at work by then so I had to go on my own. As we went up the stairs again I had a good look and she definitely wasn’t wearing pants. As we walked around the conversation got to the morning visit and she apologised for walking in on us. I told her not to worry, and she asked why we were feeling that way when she was due to walk in any second. I decided to just go for it so told her we both thought she wasn’t wearing knickers, and I had been turned on by it and in turn so had my girlfriend. She asked why I thought she wasn’t wearing any so I told her I could see up her skirt coming up the stairs, and that I had just seen again and I think she still isn’t. With that she lifted up her skirt to show me the tiniest g string it is possible to wear and said, “You’re wrong”. She just stood there with her skirt up so I moved towards her, she dropped the skirt and stepped back to the wall. I took her skirt and lifted it but she pushed me off and told me to behave, I said that I wanted to have another look so she said that’s all I can do. I got on my knees and she lifted her skirt again, I could see her pussy lips clearly through the lace and wanted to suck her pussy. I moved towards it and started kissing the material and then moved my hands around by her bum. She wasn’t pushing me off so I hooked my fingers inside and pulled it down, then had the glorious sight of a clean shaven pussy three inches from my face. I buried myself into it and started flicking my tongue against her, after a few seconds she pulled away, pulled her g string up, smoothed her skirt down and said that we had gone too far and she wasn’t going to do any more.

I never got any further although I tried all I could and I never saw her again.