Written by Gareth

12 Oct 2003

As youre aware my ex wifewas quite a slut having many lovers, guys shed pick up off the net. One Fridayher mobile rang and after a quick conversation she told me that Kieth a piolet for one of the American airlines was in town and had a surprise for her. She dashed up stairs to change comming down in a thin wrap over dress and high heels, minus bra and knickers. As she picked up the car keys she told me to join her. 20 minutes later we were in the bar of the Trust House hotel in Northendon. KKieth introduced us to Gregg( obviously he was the surprise). After a drink we headed to Kieths room,once inside we had Julies dress off. I knelt in front of her licking at her shaved fanny, while Kieth spread Julies arse cheeks and forced his tongue into her ring. Gregg contented himself kissing my wife and playing with her tits. After Julie had shuddered to a orgasm she lay on the bed while us guys stripped off and joined her.Whie me and Kieth sucked on her 36d tits Gregg got between Julies legs and started to fuck her, she wrapped her leg round his back and pulled him in deeper telling him to fuck her hard.Thatswhat he did for 10 minutes before flooding my wifes cunt with his cum. Julie the turned to me and straddled my cock I could feel Greggs come leak down my cock and onto my balls.Once in side her Julie looked at Kieth and said" come on youve always wanted to fuck my arse". A few seconds later I felt Kieth push his cock into Julies ass I pulled her foward and kissed her as Kieth fed her arse his full length. We got a good rythem going with Julie screaming out obsenaties so Gregg shut her up by shoving his cock in her mouth.I felt Kieth stop then he fired his load deep into my wifes ass. as he eased out she told Gregg to replace him.For the second time I felt another guy force his cock into my wife. Julie has always loved double penetration and as we fucked her two holes I heard Kieth on the phone. I came before Gregg and left him alone to fuck Julies ass doggy style. Suddenly a young porter appeared holding a tray of sandwiches, he just stood there watching Julie get her arse reamed. Kieth told himhecould have a blow job for a tip, the porters cock was soon down my wifes throat. Gregg pulled out of Julies ass and fired his seed over Julies back, this was to much for the porter who filled Julies mouth with hot cum,a lot asit trickled down her chin onto her heaving tits. He mumbled a thanks and left. After a rest the three of us fucked Julie again finnishing with us all comming over her grateful face. We covered her good loads going in her hair. Me and Julie said our goodbyes and headed for the car. On the way we saw the porter with another lad leaving the hotel, both smiled at Julie and said hi. Julie said to me "Ive always wanted a toy boy can I bring them home?" "Sure" I answered. She went up to the lads and soon they were sat in the back of our car with Julie in the middle. As we drove we learned their names were Phil and Andy both students who worked there for extra cash. They aked Julie what we had been doing and as she told them in detailI could hear her voice change. I readjusted the mirror and saw the lads fingering my wife, her legs were wide open offering no resisance to their probing fingers. One lad said"you dirty slut youve still got cum in youre hair" Julie smiled and said "so I love spunkand if I wasnt a slut do you think youed be comming home with me?". When we got home Julie went upstairs for a shower while I got the lads a beer. When she came down she kissed me good night and led Andy and Phil upstairs. An hour later I went up and noticed the spare room open as I looked in Julie was on all fours and the two lads were fucking her cunt and arse with two of her bigger dildos. She smiled at me and said "they diddnt believe I did this, I'll have the real thing later" With that I left them to it. The next day Julie drove the lads home on her return she told me they had fucked her 3 times each and they couldn't get enough of her ass. She told me they had swapped numbers as the lads wanted to invite her to a party and she would be the only female there Julie had a smile like a Cheshire cat!!!