Written by Equinegro

26 Feb 2005

Across your body I look at him kneeling on the far side of the bed. He’s younger than me, more sinewy, well hung. He returns my stare, reflecting my pleasure, while we pause over the motionless form lying on the bed between us. Your eyes closed, everything closed, arms down by your side – a challenge. I see the gentle motion of your breasts rising and falling – I sense your breathing deeper than normal – a quiet betrayal of your excitement.

I reach forward and gently stroke down your thigh. You flinch at the unexpected touch but smile – you recognise the caress of your lover. He reaches forward and, cupping his hand around the curve of your thigh gently presses to feel the firm soft profile. Another flinch – another smile - the touch of another man, a strange exciting sensation – two hands on you – two men.

I reach up and smooth your hair from your brow to plant a tender kiss, a kiss of reassurance. I look down – he has his hand resting just below the V at the top of your thighs and is leaning forward flicking his tongue across your right nipple. The nipple is erect – he is erect – I am erect.

I feel your fingers encircle my engorged penis and your head turn as you take me into your mouth. My head goes back in ecstacy and returns to see his kisses tumble down over your stomach to hover over your neat trimmed bush. His hand, more insistent, presses up and I see the slight, involuntary parting of your thighs as I feel the sharp suck on my cock, which would have been an intake of breath.

More insistent now his two hands are pressing your legs apart. He repositions himself between your spread legs and hovers over your smooth glistening lips. You feel his breath hot then cold on your vagina. Your other hand reaches down, delves into the folds and parts them for him. You are inviting this man to your sex – with my cock in your mouth you are inviting this other man into your sex.

He licks slowly up your lips and circles your clitoris with his tongue. He is good this one – you moan with pleasure and pull your legs up and apart to give him access. Hungrily he fastens his mouth on your vitals, he is gorging himself on your cunt. I see his hand masturbating his cock. My woman being ravished by another man, driving another man crazy between her legs.

Your breathing through your nose becomes uneven and violent. I see your brow furrowed by the impending orgasm – so quick, so furious. A small cry as you arch your back and buck up to nearly throw him off. The scarlet rash rushes across your chest and your whole body glistens with your sweat. A louder cry as the first convulsion erupts in your body – a slam as your thighs grasp his head between your legs. Your come from your pulsing cunt drowning, drowning the architect of your pleasure.

He is hurried now. He lifts himself up – his purple cock jutting up and outwards. I reach down between your legs. I part your soaking lips and urgently guide his cock into your vagina. Teeth gritted his first thrust is to the hilt. You exclaim in response to his urgency. I hear my woman hissing between her teeth to another man “Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me – fuck me hard”

I turn to you. You look deep into my eyes – yearning deep down, as I hear his sweating body slap and buck against yours. I see only love. I feel only love. We kiss deeply as I hear him cry out as he hits the brink. His cock is pulsing sperm into my woman as she embraces me desperately, clinging to her lover as she receives another.

My lust is up. I have my lover lying spread, fucked with another man’s juices oozing from her. I slowly insert my penis up your drenched vagina. I feel the slipperiness of his spunk coating my prick. I look into your eyes as I gradually slide my straining phallus in and out of your body.

Minutes pass as we make sweet love in your mingled juices. I sense him alongside me. He is stiff again at the sight of our lovemaking. He is wanking his cock alongside me looking at my prick entering your cunt. He is getting closer I feel little flecks of juice from his penis land on my face. I turn towards him and he thrusts it to me. I look up. He is staring at me now. I know what he wants. I want it too. I take his cock into my mouth as I fuck you. He presses his penis in - fucking my mouth insistently. I am now hungrily licking and sucking his cock and feeling your sucking cunt on my cock. I am near the brink. No thoughts just sensations. I feel you rubbing your clitoris hard at the sight of your man sucking another man’s cock – this is too much for me and as I feel your first clench of orgasm on my cock I explode inside you arching and bucking to plant my seed deep in my woman, as this man explodes and plants his seed in me.