Written by Fulllips

7 Oct 2018

We had lived next door to what can only be described as the woman from hell for six years... whilst I never warmed to her from the get go she found any and every excuse to moan about my car or my wife ... to the point where I simply had enough and went round to have it out with her.... however she clearly was not in or I thought she was not in... her husbands car was absent and she did not drive , so who had the big SUV on her drive.... I was about to go when her front door opened and she sheepishly said good morning, now she was never an oil painting but clearly she had been to the hairdresser and had her scruffy hair cut into a sleek bob, clearly had had her teeth done and was wearing full make up .... to add to this she was in a rather tight blouse and black pencil skirt paired with red heels and what seemed to be sheer nylons. Not what I was expecting at all.... at that point a big guy with a clip board bid his fair well and walked out of her house to his car... ... to my mind he had been feeling her up as her blouse top button was undone and her nipples were erect... she was aged approx 70 and to be fair had a fit body... but I had the advantage for once and she knew what I had seen, or thought she did..... I was invited in... first time in six years... her home was smart and modern I was asked if I wanted a cup of tea.... but I declined... I wanted to take full advantage of her mistake... she sat opposite me so I moved next to her on her sofa... she blurted out some cock and bull story about the house agent calling... but she had been rumbled... I was going to teach her a lesson.. I said nothing but started to undo her blouse.... her perfume was strong but it gave me a hard on.... she did protest a little but not much as I took the risk of pulling her tits out of her bra and sucking hard on her large brown nipples... she moaned and opened her legs... I took the initiative and French kissed her, her tounge responded .... unzipped her skirt and the horny bitch had waxed her pussy and had no panties on..... without hesitation I dropped my trousers and released my cock..... she opened her legs and I slid in.... god she was sopping wet and quite tight.... she seemed to loose control and begged me to cum in her which after a few more strokes I did.... very heavily..... I decided to teach her a further lesson by giving her a huge love bite on her neck which her hubby would find interesting.... I said little as I pulled out of her and wiped my cock on her chins curtains .... needless to say she never ever complained again and by arrangement and when it suits me I have her in her marital bed when hubby is way and my wife is at work.... who says neighbours can’t get on ..... btw the love bite was covered with make up and she wore a polo neck for a few days.... till she got another one .