Written by Lipspreader8

31 Jul 2009

The Meeting

As usual I had been talking to a bloke on here for some time. The talk got more and more intense and he wanted to meet me. So after some consideration I agreed and we would meet that night.

It was about 3 o clock, and I was nervous with anticipation we were to meet at about 7pm.

I was feeling very horny and went to decide what I would wear, so I picked out my white soft feel boxers and I decided on a pair of jeans and short sleeve shirt.

I went and douched shaved my face, cock, balls and arse like normal then showered taking lots of time under the shower washing every part of me very thoroughly. Feeling very, very horny.

I drove to his house, parked up and went to the door knocked and waited with anticipation, the door opened and he said hi come in.

He led the way into the lounge and said would I like a larger, I said thanks and he had a couple opened and offered me one he had the other with that we stood an chatted for about ten minutes swigging our drinks. I thought it tasted strange but put it down to it being a foreign larger. Then he said lets go to the bedroom we will be more comfortable. He put his drink down and he came towards me and I went to put my drink down on a table but he said that’s ok carry on and finish your drink while I strip you naked so I can enjoy you.

I swigged the rest of my drink down for a bit of Dutch courage, he finished stripping me and then ran his hands over my body then said lie on the bed and lie face down. Then all of a sudden I shut my eyes then when I came too, I was as week as anything and felt lifeless. I was looking at the pillow but I wasn’t laying flat on the bed anymore. But trussed up. I was on the bed on all fours my hands flat on the bed with a pair of cuffs on my wrists and a bar between then holding them about 18” apart also attached to the cuffs was a strap which went from one cuff under the bed and attached to the other cuff and tensioned up so I couldn’t move my hands. There was the same sort of thing around my ankles and another across the backs of my knees. This meant my hands were apart to steady my body, my knees were quite wide apart and my ankles were wide apart also.

He was standing next to me and he said I hope you don’t mind a little bondage, I said too late if I did isn’t it. He said you’ll be ok I promise. He took a tube of gel from the side table and I see a nice size blob on his two fingers and then walked to my rear end and pushed the blob of gel onto my chocolate starfish with that he worked it around and into my tight hole first a finger then two then right in up to the knuckles then he got another blob and put it to my hole again.

He wiped his hands then he said I am now going to blindfold you so everything will be a surprise.

It seemed like ages I was waiting, he said I am just getting as naked as you are.

Then he came to the bed and started playing with my cock and it responded immediately, nice he said that shows me you want it. Then he positioned himself behind me on the bed, took hold of his cock and nudged it against my button he eased it in about an inch then took hold of me hip with his left hand and my cock with his right hand, then he entered me two inches then three inches then four then five then all the way in up to his groin. Then it come to me he had both hands on my hips, but there was still a hand on my cock then there was a mouth wrapped round it giving me a blow job.

There was a movement at the front of the be and a cock was offered to my mouth, this I had not done before I was reluctant to open my mouth but the cock was just pushed hard against my lips which made me open it and the cock was pushed in and my mouth was being fucked for the first time ever.

This meant there were now three people in the room. Or was there more three that I new about. Then there was another cock being rubbed around my face, then another on the other side of my face, that means five people in the room now.

As the first bloke finished fucking my arse he withdrew and was replaced by another and it was all change. When my arse had been fucked again it was all change again. Till all of them had fucked me over and over again eventually they left one by one till there was only me and the bloke whose house it was. My arse was so sore, my mouth ached and my cock was sore from having been sucked and wanked.

He released my shackles and I just dropped flat on the bed. He slapped my arse and said are you going or staying the night? I said I had had enough and said I was going home. He thanked me for being such a good sport. I said I didn’t think I had an option did I?

He said not really once my mates see your lovely little arse in the air you were there for the taking.

When I got outside it was night time and I looked at my phone and see it was 12.30 I had been used for about four hours. I drove home and showered again and went too bed when I awoke in the morning I wondered if it had been a dream? But my arse told me different.

Fantasy’s are such strange things aren’t they