Written by B&D

27 Oct 2004

She felt the third prick enter her but this man was so gentle and eased it in bit by bit. As the pain started she let out a little grunt and the man stopped to allow her to recover, before starting again. This was the most wonderful time of her life and she wanted it to last forever.

She heard a man groan and her mouth filled with cream as she sucked and lapped it up. "I never thought I could do this," she thought. The prick in her mouth was softening and she tried to hold it to prevent it leaving her. But it was gone. Now the prick in her anus was working so hard and she shouted out with joy, the cream running out of her mouth and dribbling down her chin.

The two other pricks were spurting into her and she twisted, writhed and screamed in pleasure, but soon it was over and she lay gasping on the floor. "Oh, my God that was so wonderful" she wailed then she heard Suzy laughing. "Little Miss Perfect" she laughed, "The one who could never let a stranger fuck her. Well three complete strangers have just fucked you and you loved every minute of it. Shall I tell you something else?" Debbie looked up at Suzy who smiled at her "These guys can fuck all night without stopping, as I have experienced. So you are going to get a lot more pricks before this night is out" Debbie reached out for a stiffening prick "That's OK by me" she said "Oh by the way I owe you a million pounds" then she slipped the prick into her mouth and closed her eyes in delight as it started to grow. "Don't speak with your mouth full," laughed Suzy.