Written by Clive

8 Nov 2004

We had been living next door to Adam and Linda for about 3 years and had become good friends as neighbours often do, then one night out of the blue Adam said to me do you find Linda attractive? What could I say, if I said yes he would think I was a pervert lusting after his wife and if I said no he would be offended thinking I thought his wife was ugly. I decided to edge my bets and said why do you ask? he replied that they had been talking about fantasies in bed and Linda had said that she wanted to be fucked by 2 men at the same time, and Adam wanted someone he knew and felt comfortable with and I was the obvious choice.

I was flattered but knew that my wife would want no part of it so we agreed that we would have to keep it a secret, my wife often visits her father who lives about 2 hours from home and usually stays overnight so the opprtunity soon arose for us to get together.

Adam suggested that we all go over the road to the pub to loosen up a bit first, I noticed that Linda was drinking a bit more than usual she said it was because she was nervous, I assured her that I too was nervous but by the time we left the pub she was nicely relaxed. When we got back to their house Linda went upstairs to change and Adam suggested that I might like to help her whilst he got some more drinks. I called up the stairs to see if Linda needed a hand and when she replied in the affirmative I was up the stairs 3 at a time as I walked into their bedroom Linda had already removed her top and was unbuttoning her skirt which soon fell to the floor leaving her in only a bra and a pair of skimpy knickers. Of course I had never seen her like this before and I complimented her on her figure which although being ample was nicely proportioned, not bad for 42 she said not bad at all I agreed. My cock was by now beginning to strain at the front of my trousers and Linda noticed the bulge and said can I help you with that I just nodded and without another word she had my trousers undone and my hard cock in her hand in no time.

Just then Adam walked in and my cock wilted in Linda's hand embarrasment I suppose, I see you started without me said Adam and promptly removed his clothes by now I was not sure what I should be doing but Linda took my limp cock into her mouth and soon had it rock hard again. Adam came up behind Linda and removed her knickers hand slid 2 fingers into his wife's waiting pussy, she moaned with my cock still in her mouth. Linda then pulled back and turned around so that her hot wet pussy was facing me and Adam said go on stick it in her I didn't need a second invitation and slipped my 8 inch straight up her tight wet pussy she moaned with pleasure and grabbed Adam's cock and started to suck on him while cupping his balls and wanking his shaft. It didn't take long before Adam was coming and filling his wife's mouth with several spurts which she eagerly swallowed down, now she concentrated her efforts on me grinding her pussy up and down my swollen knob, soon she was screaming for me to fuck her harder as her orgasm gripped her and this was too much for me and I gripped her hips as I came heavily filling her pussy with my cum.

As I lay back on the bed Linda was gently stroking my knob as Adam was alternating his fingers between Linda's pussy and her mouth where she would lick his fingers clean of our mixed juices. Linda then sucked my cock back to life again and sat on my cock with her back to me and took Adams cock into her mouth again, as she was working his cock I slowly worked her bumhole with my thumb until she relaxed enough for me to slip my thumb all the way in. Slowly Linda eased herself off my cock and repositioned herself so that her arse was directly over my cock and with a little wiggle she sat back on it and I slid all the way up her arse, she let Adam's cock out of her mouth only long enough to tell him that I was up her arse which promptly triggered his cum and he shot all over her face and tits.

Linda was bouncing up and down on my cock and then she slipped a small vibrator into her pussy which I could feel whilst up her arse soon we were both cumming very heavily and we collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. I woke to Linda gently licking and sucking my cock and caressing my balls and I knew I would cum soon and told her so, she just kept sucking and slipped a finger deep into my arse and without any further warning my cock erupted in her mouth filling her with my hot spunk which she let dribble out of her mouth and down my shaft before licking it all off again.

What an incredible night I can't wait for my wife to visit her father again.