Written by trainer

13 Jul 2016

So there I am sat with a raging hard on, watching Emma and the assistant, Judy, making out on the chaise longue in front of me, when the door opens and Sarah walks in, I thought she’s flip, but no she just looked at the two women and said to Judy, ‘see I told you she’d be up for it’ and with that turned round and left the room. Judy stood up and sat down on Emma. The door then reopened and this time Sarah came in and closed the door behind her. She walked over to me and said she’d shut the shop, with that she took off her cardigan, but she didn’t stop there and very quickly she was down to her stockings suspenders and bra. I wondered what she intended to do before she went over and joined Judy and Emma. Sarah’s fingers pushed Judy away from Emma’s pussy then pushed them straight into her. Judy rose and kissed Sarah passionately. Emma was shaking with yet another O. Judy and Sarah were now very engrossed in each other. Emma stood up and for a moment I thought she’d had enough, but she cuddled up to Sarah and began to kiss her and caress her bum, the three of them were now intertwined in a sexual play, Judy broke away and went over to the dresser by the door, she pulled open one drawer and removed a dildo from it, it was then obvious that this wasn’t the first time these women had played in this room. Sarah seemed to know where Judy has gone and what she had fetched and sat down on the chaise, Emma was now bent over kissing her and probing her with her fingers. Judy returned, turned on the toy and pushed it past Emma’s fingers, but released it as Emma wrapped her hand around it but began to push it into Sarah. Sarah threw her head back, Judy sucking on her right nipple and Emma fucking her gently with the dildo, as Judy moved across from one breast to the other Sarah let out a long ooh as she came, I was treated to seeing Sarah squirt juice out as Emma continued to rub the dildo in, out, up and down her clit, Judy’s hand had wandered down there as well and when she felt the liquid she dropped down, pushing the dildo away and pushing her face into Sarah’s pussy. I winked at Emma and she came over to me, finally, was I going to be invited into play, she started to rub my arm and then I opened my eyes..........