Written by tomtom

10 Jul 2009

as in the first part of the storie i told you i had 2 aplcants for the house keepers job well the second one arived and she just said no thanks im not going to do that so the next day my only 1 came and started to be my house keeper as in the last part i told her she would clean my house in the nude so of she went round the house hvering dusting washing the floors at 11 oclock i made a nice cup of coffe and we sat down for a chat i said is there enyting you wont do for me she replyed no not if you pay me well ok then lets see bend over the kitchen tabel as she did i gave her arse a good spanking till it was nice and red then i put some lube on her ring hole and worked it in with one finger then two till i had 4 fingers in her hole nice and lose now have you had this done before she said yes but i dont like it so i then forsed my tumb in making her cry out now for some fun you know im a diry old well im now going to make you suck me and swallow my cum while i dildo your arse to this she said no dont put it up my arse so with that i gave her 9inches she sqieled out and beged me to stop but there was no chance of that giving both cheaks a good spanking then i came in her mouth and said swallow witch she did afterb this i let her up and told her to shower get dreesed and go home she said when shall i come again in 2 days i said next time ill have a suprise for you so come at 9 oclock next time well thats another storie