Written by gaz

1 Jul 2006

a few weeks back my wife had to go away and took the kids so i thought great i can go out on the beer with my mates.

i met up with the guys as usual in our local and we sat and knocked a few back and chatted as usual about sport and the women that came into the pub and then we moved into town to a club.once in the club my mate steve started to knock the shots back and started to become a bit of a pain as i was free for the night and wanted to at least get on the dance floor and go do a bit of hunting but it got rather obvious someone had to stay with the guy so as i was married i got left with the job of making sure he was ok.after a while i figured it was best to get him home or yo mine as he was plastered so we got a taxi and ended up going to mine as it was closer and cheaper!

once we got in i sat him on the couch and went to make a coffee after 5 mins i came back and he had flacked out on the couch so i went online and sipped my coffee.now i dont know what got into me but for some reason i had it in my head to touch his crotch while he was asleep so i went over andreached out and i can tell you i was shitting myself and my heart was punding but i reached out and touched him.

i couldnt believe it i was touching my mates cock well between his clothes but i could feel it and the more i touched the harder it got.i was really enjoying it as i had never done amything like this before then suddenly he bolted up and looked at me "what the fuck you doing" he said and i sat there and went bright red and all i could do is say sorry and make some stupid excuse up but he looked at me and said if your going to play with it do it right and get it out.

now i still dont know to this day why but i got his cock out and started to play with it wanking it slowly and touching his balls with my other hand untill he said suck it

id never done this before but i just took him in my mouth and sucked him like i like it

he must have enjoyed it as he was moaning in no time i was sucking him as deep as i could and flicking my tongue about all over his shaft till he was begging to go faster and faster which i did till i started to feel his balls start to throb so i pulled away and wanked him nice and firm till he shot his cum all over my clothes and face.he never returned the favour that night but 2 weeks later i had an amazing bj from my best friend so i never slag gays off anymore