Written by shar and steve

12 Dec 2004

It was a Friday evening and we had invited Andy around to watch the football, he had just split up with his girlfriend and we needed cheering up a bit. He came around at about 8, Sharon invited him in and told him to go into the front room. I was sitting there watching the TV having a drink. Sharon offered Andy a drink and then said she was going up stairs for a shower and wouldn’t be long.

We sat down and started talking and having a laugh, he told me that he was upset what had happened between him and Jo but life goes on. He told me that I was a lucky man, I said ‘whys that’, ‘because Sharon is a very attractive girl’, he replied. ‘I know I am’ I told him. ‘she’s amazing’. I offered him another drink and we started to watch the football.

Meanwhile Sharon was up stairs having a shower and shaving herself, for some reason she felt very horny but that is nothing unusual about her. She stepped out of the shower, dried herself down and put on some perfume.

She came downstairs just wearing her silk dressing gown with nothing on underneath. When I saw her I told her that she looked very nice but aren’t you going to get dressed? She replied ‘I don’t think that will be necessary’. I don’t know what that meant but it sounded interesting. Sharon moved over to the sofa where we were sitting and asked if she could sit down, Andy moved over to make room for her so she could sit down, she sat in the middle of us both. We both could smell her, she smelt very nice, Andy looked at me and smiled. ‘So what’s going on then’ she said. I replied ‘not much really just watching the football and talking.’ ‘what are you talking about’ she said with interest in her voice, ‘ah nothing really, Andy was saying how much he found you attractive but apart from that just this and that really’ I told her. ‘so you find me attractive then?’ she turned and said to Andy. He nearly choked on his drink but managed to reply ‘yes I do, I always have done’. ‘well why don’t you come over here and show me how much then??? Andy definitely chocked on his drink that time, he looked over to me and I said ‘you had better do what she wants, you don’t want to upset her.’

Andy then moved closer to Sharon, her heart was beating faster as he approached her, thinking to herself should I have said that. He put his hand on her leg and started to stroke her thighs, she closed her eyes with pleasure as she felt his hand on the inside of her thighs. He leaned over to her and kissed her neck, she froze with pleasure as she could feel herself getting wet. I watched the pleasure on her face as I knew she was enjoying this, I could feel my cock getting harder at the sight of what was happening in front of me, I wanted to play with myself there and then but I knew things would get more interesting so I held back.

Sharon turned to me while Andy was still feeling her leg and kissing her neck, she leaned over and kissed me. As soon as she kissed me she came, the excitement of having two men for the first time pushed her over the edge. As she composed herself she suggested that we play a game. She reached behind the sofa and brought out a blindfold. She said that she had to wear this and try and tell the both of us apart. That sounded very interesting I told her, both Andy’s and my cocks were hard by now even though we had no idea what was to come. She stood up, gave Andy the blindfold and told him to put it on her. He went around the back of her and covered her eyes, as he did I caught the glimpse she gave me, it said to me ‘are you ready for this………’

As Andy put on her blindfold he started to kiss her neck, I moved closer to her and started to undo her dressing gown. I slowly let it drop to the floor revelling her gorgeous naked body, her firm breasts and newly shaven pussy. As the dressing gown feel to the floor Andy started to run his hands down her back and around her bum. I moved to kiss her breasts and run my hands up and down her legs, she moans with pleasure as she thinks to herself what is going on. As she realises what is going on she gets very wet, she can’t believe this is happening to her, she can’t believe she is going to be fucked by two guys and so far it feels so good.

I start to suck her breasts and bite her nipples whilst running my hands down her legs, she could now feel Andy’s hard cock pressing into her back, she tells him to go around the front and then for the both of us to get undressed. As we are getting undressed she starts to tell us the rules, we just one rule really, she said we are not allowed to make any noises as this will give the game away and she will know who we are. ‘ the only person allowed to make a noise is me and boy I can tell you I will be making a lot of noise’ she said

Sharon then told us to take one of her hands each and gently place it on our cocks, as we did this she managed to cum again, this time it was the thought of having two cocks in her hands. She started to play with them, slowly at first but then speeding up as she got used to her new feeling. She loved the thought and feeling of having two cocks in her hand and that it was her who was in control of the situation. She said she could not tell us apart so she would need a closer look. She told us to move on to the sofa where we both sat down. Sharon then moved between us and kneeled down on the floor. She took hold of one of the cocks and said she will try this one first. She takes Andy’s cock first and slowly starts to kiss it, licking it along it’s long shaft until she reached his balls, putting them in her mouth she starts to moan with pleasure as see could taste the cock she was playing with. As I watched my girlfriend sucking another guys cock I got so horny, even though she had a blind fold on, I could see the pleasure she was getting from it, I don’t know if she just enjoying sucking cock or if it was the thought that she could be sucking Andy’s long hard cock while she knew I was watching her. She moves up to the top of his cock and slowly puts it in her mouth flicking it with her tongue as she knows I like that. Slowly she moves all the way down him until his throbbing cock was at the back of her throat. I could see Andy liked that as it looked like he was going to cum but he held out. Slowly at first but getting faster Sharon started to suck Andy off, now and again taking it out of her mouth to tell us she like this one. After about 5 minutes of sucking Andy’s hard cock she moves over to me, not knowing though who she will be sucking next. As she moves over she takes hold of my cock she says ‘ I hope this one is as good as the last’.

She does not mess around this time, she puts my cock straight in her mouth, having already been turned on by sucking Andy off, she was in full flow and there was no stopping her, still moaning she moves one of her hands down to her clit and starts to play with herself. She likes the idea of sucking one guys cock while the other watches it all. She takes me out of her mouth and says ‘they both taste and feel so good that I cant tell you apart so I will need another challenge to tell you apart’

She takes hold of one of us which happened to be me and told be to go and lick her clit from behind while she sucked off the other one, she said this was not part of the challenge but she wanted to suck someone’s cock while someone went down on her. I went behind her and spread her legs as she was still on all fours. I could see her very appetizing bum and her very wet pussy, all I could think about when I saw her bum was fucking her up it but I knew if she wanted that it would come later. I knelt down behind her and started to lick her aching clit, as I touched it with my tongue she came straight away, flooding me with her cum but I managed to swallow it all down which tasted very nice. I could hear her moan with pleasure as I put a finger into her wet swollen pussy, one at first then two, slowly at first but getting faster. I know she loves two fingers up her but I thought I’d try three, as I put them in her I could here her give out a loud scream as she said ‘god that feels good, put another one up’, so I did, moving slowly at first but slowly I managed to put four fingers up her very well lubricated pussy, she was moaning with pleasure and shuddering all the time as I continued to put my fingers up her, she took Andy out of her mouth and said more, I want more. I didn’t think I could put more up there as she needed more lub but I noticed that she had brought some down with her, maybe she knew she was going to get fucked up her bum tonight so she brought it down just in case. I reached over for it and emptied most of it onto my hand. I moved my hand towards her wet pussy and slowly pushed my fingers into her, she could feel me and moaned some more. As I pushed harder my fingers just seemed to slip into her with ease, soon she had all my fingers inside her and with all the moaning she was doing I think it hit the spot.

Now that she had had a little fun with us both it was back to her challenge, still with her blindfold on she told us to lie on our backs on the floor. She stood between us both and says are you ready for the next challenge, we both said yes. She moves over to me but as before she doesn’t know who it is. She moves over and sits on my face and says it’s time for you both to suck me off. As she lowers herself I start to lick her clit and play with her bum, I don’t know how but I have a feeling she knows who is licking her out but I could be mistaken. She cum's again all over me but I expect that from her in that position especially when I play with her bum and put some fingers up her pussy. Once again I manage to get it all in my mouth.

She moves off me and over to Andy where once again she sits on his face, as I watch them together I feel the need to play with myself but I know that if I cum it will be all over so I hold back. I see Sharon is starting to cum as Andy licks her clit and puts his tongue deep into her wet pussy. As she comes Andy is taken with shock as he gets a mouth full of her cum, he seems not to mind though as he still carries on licking her, I think it was a bit of a shock to him and with Andy’s reaction I could tell Sharon now knew who she was sitting on.

She lifted up a little but did not get off him and moved down his body. ‘this is a tough one, I still cant tell you apart, maybe this final challenge may help’ she said as she lowers herself onto Andy hard cock, taking hold of it with her hand she glides it into her tight wet pussy. She licks her lips and says’ mmmm that’s nice’ as she starts to fuck my friend.

Even though she is still blind folded I feel that she now knows who she is fucking, as she moved up and down his cock I sit there watching my girl fuck another guy. She starts to fuck him faster, moving up and down his hard cock hoping that he does not cum as she does not want it to finish yet. She moves her head over to me but even though she still has her blindfold on I could tell that the look she gave me was ‘do you like this? Do you like me fucking your friend?’ she starts to moan with pleasure as she moves up and down on him, teasing him and herself as she slows down , almost pulling out but then putting him all the way in again, as deep as she can go, she can feel his hard twitching cock deep inside her wet swollen pussy.

Soon though she gets off him and moves straight over to me, squats over me and lowers herself on to me and starts to fuck me hard. She tells Andy to stand in front of her so she can taste herself on his cock, she licks it at first but soon she has all his cock in her mouth. As she fucks me harder she cum’s again, this time the thought of two men inside her, one fucking her and the other with his cock in her mouth. She starts to suck him off in the same rhythm as she is fucking me, slowly at first and then faster. I look at Andy with his cock in her mouth, I could tell he likes the feeling of my women sucking his big hard cock. Then she gets off me and gets on all fours and tells me to fuck her from behind, harder the better she says. As I start to fuck her she tells me to play with her bum, she tells me to put a finger up it. I concentrate on her, giving her what she wants while she continues to suck Andy off, slowly I feel that she is going to cum again so I play with her bum faster, I know she likes that when she gets as horny and excited as this though I have never seen her this bad before. She says she wants to take her blindfold off to see who is fucking her, as she takes it off she cum’s again as she sees that it is me fucking her. ‘let Andy have a go, I want to see him fuck me from behind’ she says so me and Andy swap around. He moves behind her and teases her clit with his cock before ramming his hard dick deep inside her, as she sees and feels this she cum’s again. Harder and faster he fucks her from behind until she tells him to lie on the floor, she gets on top of him and starts to fuck him on top. She then tells me to fuck her bum from behind. I move closer to her and slide my cock into her bum while Andy is fucking her. She loves it, I have never heard her scream so much, she cum’s again and again until Andy says he is going to cum. She gets off him and tells s him to cum all over her face

He stands in front of her and starts playing with himself to cum all over her face. Sharon tells him to stop because she wants to make him to cum. Sharon looks at me and says that she wants me to help her make Andy cum.

I said I’m not sure but she tells me to come and help her suck his cock, slowly and not sure I move down to where she is, she says just follow me. She licks the top of his cock, telling me to do the same so I do, we both lick his cock together. She moves me away and puts the whole of his stiff cock into her mouth and moves up and down

She pulls out and tells me to do the same so I move slowly to him and put him in my mouth, a little at first but more and more as I get to like it, Sharon is watching playing with herself and cuming as she watches me suck another mans cock. Andy then says he is going to cum so I take him out of my mouth and we both lick his cock as he shoots his warm cum all over both our faces. We get it all over our face and in our mouths and when he’d finished cumming we kissed each other and swapped his cum from each other’s mouths until we both had swallowed it all down between us.

Shar said that was amazing so she moved down to my cock and started to suck me , I didn’t last long as I came all over her face and in her mouth, she kept it all in her mouth and came up to kiss me and swap it with me. We both swallowed the rest of the cum down between us when she said she now wants to fuck us both again and then she wants us to both come in her mouth at the same time where she can mix our cum up and swollow it all at the same time……………..so we did.