Written by scooter

17 Oct 2004

have you ever shared your fanatsisies with your wife,it's cool

my fantasy was to see her as a slutty secretary,but didn't want to tell her in case of embarassment

the kids had gone to stay at the in-laws & we were early christmas shopping,we were having breakfast at a local cafe,& i had picked up the the "daily star" lo & behold wot was on the front page but a slutty sec' type girl.

i could'nt help myself but to keep flashing to the page (the wifey then started to notice).

let's shop for something else she said in a rather bland seductive manner

i knew what she ment & was putty at her knee's

we went to hancook & wood & she picked out the most sexy stockings (black & sheer,with the seam up the back)

then she said it was time for the underwear (have you ever tried browsing around marks & spencer with a stiffy on)

she eventually chose a basque,with it uplifting her breasts to the max(she has got beuatiful breast's)

next we went to get some glasses my favourite,only a cheap pair from a local shop but boy did they have an afect

my wife by this time was geting into it & decided that she needed a shirt from bhs that was se through & shon the basque just right,

we had had enough & went back to the car park to put our bags in & go home

tel u next time wot happenped