Written by Eddie G

9 Apr 2014

It was some time after I moved into my housing association flat, that I got talking to one of my elderly lady neighbours & getting invited into her flat for a coffee, whilst chatting as you do - she said most of the women do not like me - they say I am after all the men - I said well probably a bit jealous - you have still a nice pair of boobs - or are they all padded bra ( with a laugh) -Oh she said are you man who likes a bit of tit then - oh definitely I said I like giving and getting oral as well - sounds like you and I are going to get on then - she said come on in here and we went into her bedroom - now this was no shy old girl, she had those trousers that women wear, and off they came with her knickers at the same time, slipping off her top she turned her back and said undo my bra, which I did and put both hands on her breasts, for an old women they felt ok and her nipples were big and I could feel them stiffen with my fingers.

Stripping out of my clothes I laid back on her bed as she took my cock and started to give me a wank, she was an expert, full foreskin back and touched her tongue as it got full stretch - I could have quite easily come in a few minutes , but never one to spoil my chances, I said right my turn now and pulled her onto the bed, my fingers separated her cunt lips and I rubbed my fingers up and into her, it was a long time since I have done it but I then worked my tongue and fingers all around her clit, she was really loving it - and said keep it up that's lovely, we changed positions into the 69 after a while, and now she was giving me a magic blow job, whilst I dealt with her now very wet fanny - said nearly there and she took and kept my cock at full head back and sucked deep - I shot my lot and she swallowed and sucked every drop, I worked four fingers up her and knew she was coming repeatedly, she tightened her grip wanking me like mad.

After we had sat up I said that was lovely - and all I hoped for was a handful of tit- laying back down she said well now have a play - but no biting my nipples, I enjoy them being sucked she said, and I enjoyed the play - within a few moments her hand was back on my cock - but I knew I was getting past the age of getting a double load of spunk - but it was nice.

The great thing is now she comes over or I go to her about twice a week now and she gives me a smashing blow job - sadly I do not seem to keep a hard on long enough to fuck her - but she is ok with that, she really enjoys the 69 and said she comes several times - I went and bought her an 8 inch vibrator from a local sex shop and now that's added a new page to our pleasures, I am tempted to try and put my cock and the vibrator in her hole together and see if it helps me stay hard, and I look back at those people who say they are past it - we are both over 70 now LOL