Written by CinBrum

2 Oct 2006

Whenever I cut my lawn I always do the neighbours on one side. They are mid sixties in age and it helps them out. Yesterday I cut their lawn as usual but came across an expensive pen that I almost ran over with the mower.

When I had finished mowing I knocked on the door. Shirley answered and said that Reg was out all day but invited me in to the house for a cup of tea. I followed her in and explained that I had found a pen in the grass on the lawn and Shirley turned round smiling 'Oh you've found it' she said, 'that's been in my family for about 30 years, I think you deserve a big kiss for finding it'. Well Shirley is quite prim and proper but I do have a joke side to my nature so I held my arms wide and said ' now come on Shirley, with a bit more tongue this time'.

Well she surprised me with an open mouthed kiss and we both just stood for a second in each others arms working out what went on. I then found myself leaning forward adn she reciprocated again. I don't know how a mid-sixty year old lady could make a mid-thirty year old guy bulge in his jeans but she did.

She pulled away and I thought I'd upset her but she lifted of her top to reveal her breasts, large, pendulous, nipples pointing to the ground she stood there. Then oddly she sort of covered them over with her arms and became all self-concious.

I strolled over and held her tight. I told her her breasts looked great and that she didn't have to cover them up. I took one breast in both hands and pulled it up so she could watch me lick and tease her nipple. She played with her other nipple but nothing else, no moaning or groaning. She just watched me.

After a while she started undoing my belt on my jeans and taking them down. I was with her on this and pulled her tracksuit trousers down. I couldn't see much as she has a larger figure and anyway she was soon on her knees searching for an opening to suck my cock. It was quite a mechanical BJ and I was there a good few minutes when I asked her to get to the bedroom.

Up we went, she lead the way and I got a good look at her ass and dimpled thighs. A real woman in every respect.

Into the bedroom and she was back down on my erect cock with her mouth and also one hand in the drawers by her bedside cabinet. She pulled out some lube but I asked her to wait while I licked her pussy.

'So you young folks do lick a lady there do you?' I thought what a starnge thing to say but it dawned on me that she had never been licked out before. I pushed her onto her back and lifted her legs to remove her panties, fuller panites with lace running over them. She asked me to be careful and explained that she suffers from dryness but the lube helps.

I went down on her very carefully and then spent an age there. She had a dark blonde hairy vagina but she obviuosly shaved the lips only even though she is ginger blonde on her head.

I worked my tongue over her vaginal lips and they were dry indeed but I kept going, teased the clit and it was long before she was moaning with pleasure but I never stopped, not for about 30 minutes. The result - well I think she would have ejaculated loads of feamle cum in her younger days. The wall of her vagina just sprang forward to meet her outer lips after a particularly loud moan and her lips glistened with female cum. She just lay there breathing heavily and not saying anything for a while. 'What just happened?' she asked. 'Did you like it?' I replied. 'I felt all sort of hot and then I lost my hearing for a second or 2 and my whole body shook, it felt lovely'. 'Sounds like a nice orgasm' I said. 'So that's what it feels like?'

It was her first orgasm!

I got on my knees in front of her and pulled her knees up. Her pussy was still moist and slightly apart and I moved forward. She recoiled at first worried that she'd be dry but I told her it looked like we wouldn't have any problems. Sure enough I went straight in to the top. She was very game to my suggestions for a few different posiitons and she loved doggy style. When I came, I came for longer than I could ever remember.

As I rolled off her, I stroked her clit again as we chatted. She'd never had an orgasm before, Reg was a missionary position man, no oral for her and she was dry because he never took time to arouse her properly. Whilst we lay there chatting she came again - some of my spunk dribbled down across her ass onto the bed which she wiped up with her knickers.

Contented we both dressed. She has asked me to do that to her again this week.