Written by Nick

10 Oct 2004

You may remember that I posted an experience I had when I was a Sales/Service rep with a national Home Appliance company, well this is another of the many stories I could tell.

One of my customers was the wife of a pilot who flew for British Airways and noting that her cleaner was due for a service I rang her and made an appointment. On the day I duly arrived and rang the bell, nothing happened, I rang again with the same result, then for a third time. A little puzzled I walked round the back of the house and banged on the back door. This got results, the next moment the bathroom window flew open and Mrs.Smith (as I shall call her leant out. "Oh it's you Nick, my fault, forgot the time, wait there." I waited for a couple of minutes then the back door opened and I was faced by a naked Leah Smith. She was a lady of very ample proportions, "Come in, come in," she said. And somewhat taken aback I went in. "Sorry about this, Nick, I forgot the time and was having a shower, still at least you've got a thrill out of it!" I laughed and she went on,"But I don't suppose ladies of my build interest a good-looking young man like you!"

"On the contrary," I replied, "it's my experience that ladies like you are very enthusiastic in bed!" Although she was undeniably fat she was pretty well in proportion and somehow very sexy with it.

"Well," she observed, "I can't deny that I like sex, and being home alone most of the time I've plenty of time to enjoy it when I have the chance!"

I said, "Leah, first things first, let me sort your cleaner out and if I have time I'll sort you out!" While we'd been talking I'd had a good look at her, not unnaturally her breasts were on the large side but quite nicely shaped and in fact she had nice legs too.

She laughed, "Oh, I'm sure you'll find time and since you're looking you won't see what I've got to offer until I'm flat on my back! The only way I can get to see it these days is if I place a mirror on the floor and tilt it until I can see my fanny!" Apart from anything else Leah was a real good sort always ready for a chat and a laugh. We went into the kitchen and she produced an old newspaper and I got down on the floor and serviced the cleaner. All the time she sat naked on a stool in front of me. She had her legs open most of the time, but she was deliberately teasing me as she knew full well that, due to the size of her thighs, she wouldn't be revealing her 'treasure'. I finished up, tried the machinme out and washed my hands, I must have done the whole thing in record time! She paid me and I packed my stuff away. Then she looked at me and I knew that things were about to happen, she moved into my arms and we kissed, she was good at it and it wasn't long before I was caressing her breasts and pressing my erection against her. She broke away, "Come on then, upstairs." She took my hand and led me to a bedroom at the back of the house.

Here she helped me undress and admired what I had to offer, "Oooh what a lovely one, quite big too!"

As I had seven inches I knew that wasn't true, but if she thought so, who was I to argue? We kissed again and she had a good feel. "Come on," she said breathlessly, "I only have to be kissed and I get wet!" and she got on the bed, "Now you can see it Nick!"

She had spread her legs just about as wide as she could and I looked at a very neat looking fanny, even that was plump, and with closed lips and almost no pubic hair it looked very attractive.

"Lovely!" I said and bent to kiss it.

"Oooh do you do that?"

I guessed what she meant, "Yes, do you like it?"

"Oh, I do, trouble is my old man doesn't. Not that he's all that interested anyway, I have to really work on him to get him to do me."

I said, "Never mind, your fanny looks beautiful and I'm certainly going to do what you want, then I'm going to fuck you!"

"Naughty boy, you shouldn't use words like that, but I'll forgive you if you lick my quim."

I bent my head between her legs and ran my tongue down the groove formed by the well rounded lips, then back up. She gave a little wriggle and a sigh. More of the same soon had the lips parting and my tongue was then licking the edges of her inner lips which were quite substantial. She began lubricating freely, her musky soft fluid tasted very pleasant. I continued and raised my head to breathe every now and then, taking the opportunity to look at the now wide open mouth of her sex. Her inner lips were now just protruding beyond the outer ones and being well separated revealed a very fat looking clitoris. By now she was sighing and moaning as I pushed my tongue into her love canal and tongue fucked her. "Oh God! Yes! Go on, go on!" she murmured in a shaky voice. Then I teased her clit, she convulsed, "Oh God!" she cried again. I kept on doing it as she writhed on the bed, finally sucking every bit of her delicate flesh, inner lips, clit and all into my mouth and expelling it through pursed lips. She shouted her pleasure at that, I eased up her body and knelt astride her. She took one look at my prick and seizing it, kissed and sucked it.

"Oh God, you sexy cunt, I know what you want!" I pulled my prick away, mounted her and presented it to her cunt, she immediately put her hand down and positioned it at the entrance to her tight passage. I pushed it up, "This is what you want, isn't it, Leah?"

"Oh yes, I feel so naughty, do what you said, fuck me!"

I obeyed, fucking her gently as she moaned and held me tight. Her cunt was surprisingly tight and I knew that if I wanted it to last I'd have to go a bit careful. I continued fucking taking a rest every minute or two as I felt the sap rise. Then she said, "Do it harder, Nick, I love it hard! You needn't worry you can come inside me, I can't get pregnant!"

I had her breasts held tightly, squeezing them as thrills ran through me, kissing her at the same time. I rammed my cock into her as hard as I knew how. She bucked up at me with each stroke, "Oh God, I've never had it like this!" she panted.

Then I came, when I was that age I came like a firehose, fierce spurts filled her cunt with my spunk as she moaned and cried out thrusting herself up at me as each unco-ordinated and uncontrolled ram of my cock penetrated deep into her. I collapsed on top of her, she held me, kissing me tenderly, "That's the best sex I've had, Nick, it was wonderful!"

"Glad you liked it!" I panted, struggling for breath.

"Mmmm, you darling," she hugged me.

Ten minutes later I had recovered sufficiently to remember that I was supposed to be working, "I've got to go, Leah."

"Alright, darling, come to the bathroom and I'll wash you!" She did, very gently and efficiently, "I used to be a nurse, you know," she told me, "used to get lots of sex then, we nurses were always needed to help the doctors relax. At least that's what we always told ourselves!"

I laughed, "I bet!"

"Go on, it's true! Listen, now you've taught me just how good sex can be, you are going to come and do me again, aren't you?"

I said I would and I added her to my list of women that I had regularly. The only problem was that the list was getting a bit long for me to visit them as often as they would like, but that is what it was like for me at that time.