Written by Lynn & Mike

27 Oct 2006

Some time ago I read the exploits of a couple who went to Basingstoke for a bit of dogging fun. After some deliberation I thought I would give it ago as I only live a few miles down the road. However I had to undertake this without the knowledge of the wife (Lynn). Let me explain. I am 49 and Lynn is 45 and we are a normal couple with sex is more or less restricted to the bedroom. Suffice to say that we do standard stuff in the bedroom and any deviation is ‘frowned upon’- if you know where I’m coming from. To cut this story short one Friday night we went to Basingstoke for a meal and very nice I was too accompanied by copious amount of wine for Lynn. At end of the evening I put Plan A into action and managed to persuade Lynn to have a bit of hanky-panky in the car for old time sake. So off we trundle along to, you guessed it, the xxxxxxx. With my heart pumping and feeding blood to the old one eyed monster we arrived, where I saw about four cars – all well spread out within the car park so I managed to get a spot next to some bushes and trees thinking that if any ‘watches’ arrived Lynn would have difficulty seeing them. Plan B came into action as I began to slowly peel away Lynn’s clothes. I had pushed back the front seat and she was lying beneath as I attempted to have my wicked way with her.By this time I was rock hard and hoping some would come a long and spy on us as Lynn giggled away in the front seat oblivious to my intentions. I managed to get her down to her bra and pants when I saw a movement on the near side rear door. My heart was in my mouth and I was as solid as a rock. Lynn was in undoing my shirt a trouser by now trying to get them off. Off came my shirt, the trousers were pulled down to my knees as Lynn got her hands into my shorts. A few kisses and cuddles later and off came her bra. I was wild with excitement thinking that some one was now outside looking at her. I then stopped and sat up and removed my trousers exposing Lynn to the gaze of who ever was out there. A bit more kissing and cuddling and I suggested we get into the back seat. I got Lynn to put the seat up and then said. ‘After three we nip into the back’. Lynn sounded shocked. ‘You’re joking’. I said, ‘There’s no one about, it’ll only take seconds’. With that I had a quick looked across the car park and saw no movement so I said, “one, two, three,….. go.’ I jumped out the drivers door and into the back. I saw two men standing at the rear near side light but I nearly missed them because of the interior light blinding me. Nothing was said as I slid into the rear seat and told Lynn to get into the back. The interior light was still on as she scuttled in a half drunk state from the front to the back wearing only a pair of black pants (nothing sexy I’m afraid). ‘Wow’, I thought as she got into the back seat with her boobs bouncing around for the two guys to see. Once the doors were shut and the interior light went out we then got back to the giggling and of course a few slaps for me for making her get out half naked but she later told me that it been exciting. I then lay her full length along the back seat and got down to business. Once my hand got into her pants and my mouth around her nipple there was no stopping her. I raised my head up as I removed her pants and saw the guys looking into the rear near side passenger window. I couldn’t make out features so I have no description – just two men. I then got back to kissing Lynn and pushed open her legs and buried my fingers into her wet fanny. I was as horny as hell as I imagined the view they were getting. I then turned slightly so that they could see her hand wanking me long and hard. I even got her to put her left foot on top of the back seat to open her up to my two new ‘friends’. After a short while, Lynn sat up, I thought she had seen something but she only put her mouth over my now throbbing dick and gave it some serious attention. At some point she stopped and said that she thought she heard something out side but I reassured her that no one was there and she soon got back to job in hand. I looked around me as Lynn’s head bobbed up and down. The guys were still there but now there heads were up against the glass. I then put my back to the door and got Lynn onto her knees with her backside up in the air facing the two men as she sucked and pulled at my cock. I tried to get my hand between her legs to finger her but couldn’t get a round there. After a good few minutes and a good eye full for the guys I got her to sit on me. Lynn lay on me as I slid into her and proceeded gave her a good hard pumping in addition to pulling apart her cheeks hoping they could now get a really good view of her minge full of my meat. Needless to say I only lasted a few minutes before I shot my load. We lay there a few more minutes before Lynn slid off me. We kissed and cuddled in the back until we got cold and then put our clothes on and then moved into the front seats. As we left we saw two men walking through the car park and as we passed they gave a cursory wave. I even gave a little peep on the horn in acknowledgement, (with grin on my face). We had another great sex session when we home, I even asked how she felt about her possibly being seen by the two men when she got out the car wearing only a pair of pants. It was then that she admitted about being excited at the thought of being caught with no clothes on. I can safely say, ’Mission Accomplished’ and the seeds are now sown for yet another mission in the not too distant