Written by John

16 Nov 2004

In the days before the internet, living in the sticks it was much harder for us to find others to swing with. We had a few friends & acquaintances that we swung with. Dogging had not been thought of. We often fantasised over my wife being taken by a complete stranger but we never had the opportunity and nerve (both needed at the same time, of course) to go for it.

Then we went to the Algarve in Portugal one October. The weather was lovely, the magnificent beaches virtually deserted. The sea was a bit chilly, though.

We were sunning ourselves in the dunes along a few kilometres from Praia Rocher.

We were both nude, gently playing with each other in a relaxed way, when my wife spotted a chap standing wanking himself thirty or forty yards away. He was middle aged, overweight, with a Mediterranean complexion and covered in dense black body hair. He seemed to have a reasonable tool which looked quite thick with a standard 6-7” length, although it was hard to tell with all the hair and the distance.

At first my wife was concerned at being watched and wanked over so blatantly – he had not stopped when he saw us studying him - but I said to let him enjoy the sight of her nakedness, he probably doesn’t get much at home. As she thought about this she relaxed. I started playing again, boobs first and then her pussy and clit. She loses any inhibitions once she is aroused, and this time was no exception...

I glanced at the voyeur from time to time to let him know we had seen him but did not mind him being there.

Soon my wife was getting very aroused, with her legs wide apart exposing her wet cunt to the world – and so was I, with a raging stiffy. I looked up to find that the man had approached and was standing quite close to get a good look. I was right about his cock – it was of considerable girth. My wife opened her eyes as she orgasmed but did not react to his presence except to smile. I beckoned him over with my spare hand. He came over, knelt the other side of her and eagerly squeezed and kneaded her breasts. I asked him if he would like to fuck my wife, but he did not understand English, so I moved my hand away & gestured. He smile broadly, said “por favour” (please), and moved on top of her. One hand was squeezing a tit, the other feeling and opening her cunt wide to accommodate his thick tool, and then guiding his prick inside her. I was treated to the sight of his broad back and arse, covered in long black hair, humping away on my wife’s body.

He pumped away for about half a minute, with both hands now squeezing her tits, then sped up and squirted his load into her. He stopped, lay there on her for a few seconds, and then withdrew. He wiped his prick on her knickers which were nearby, stood up, said “Agradece, amavel” (thanks, lovely), walked back to his gear, dressed and buggered off without another glance.

It was then up to me to finish her off using a stranger’s spunk as lubricant, and then satisfy myself in a bath of the semen that still filled her cunt. I do enjoy that sensation.

I must say that neither of us, but especially my wife, was impressed by the Portuguese idea of foreplay, sexual stamina or post-coital consideration!