Written by Susie and Bill

13 Nov 2004

My wife often wakes up early in the morning feeling extremely randy. Unfortunately, I am not an early morning person, but I must admit I can never resist the sound of her wanking under the covers and soon get a raging hard on. On the morning in question I had just begun to slide into her already excited pussy when the front door bell rang. We decided to ignore it, but whoever it was was not going to give up easily and rang the bell again. My wife said "it is probably the postman with a parcel I am expecting, I better go down and answer the door" Leaving me still hard and throbbing she put on a very short dressing gown and went down to see who it was. As I lay in bed waiting for her to return I could just hear her talking to someone, but I could not make out the actual words. After what seemed like ages she came back into our bedroom, got into the bed and said "I bet you can't guess what just happened to me" Apparently when she opened the front door it was our local postman. He said to her "I am sorry if I got you out of bed, but I did not want to leave this parcel outside, there is a fee to pay and I need you to sign for it" She then asked him to wait in the hallway while she got some money. After getting her purse she came back into the hallway and said jokingly (with a wink) "you caught me out I was just having some fun with my husband" Our postman replied "lucky man, can I come and join in" My wife replied "I don't think he would like that" In telling me the story after my wife said that she then saw he had a big bulge in his trousers and could not resist fondling him. To cut a long story short she got so randy that she ended up bending over our hall table while he took her from behind. It took just a few minutes and then he was off to deliver more mail. After telling me the story she took my hand and put it onto her pussy which was still dripping and said "How would you like a nice wet one? I then turned her over and slid into her still warm, wet and swollen pussy cumming almost instantly as I fantasised about her having our horny postman. Since that time we have re-enacted this scene a number of times as we both find it a great turn on. We would love to hear from anyone who finds this story a big turn on.