Written by Football fan

23 Nov 2006

Not many pubs have landladies. Luckily the local I used a few years ago did.

She appeared a hard business lady with that touch of class and was always aloof.

The odd joke with someone in the bar but that was it.

People said she was married but I had never seen a husband and didn´t care. I fancied her and wanted her badly.

It always seems the same, after a couple of beers she looked like Doris Day.

She was attractive and well dressed but fantasies tend to run away with you.

On a Sunday lunch time I was one of three early drinkers and had made a bet on a football score with Janice the day before.

She came to serve me and put a finger to her lips, a sign for me not to mention the bet. I said nothing and waited for my pint.

After about half an hour she appeared at the corner of the bar and signalled for me to go behind the bar into the kitchen.

I went and she was standing by the opening to the cellar and asked me to lead her down the stairs.

I gave her a hand ad we descended into the cellar.

Once there she took me to a blind corner and asked how I wanted the bet paid.

With that she took a hand and put in onto one of her tits.

Wow, I had perhas fantasised about this but yes, wow.

She came forward and we kissed passionately with our hands going everywhere.

She had her hands around my growing cock and I had one tit out of her jumper and a hand in her knockers fingering her wet cunt.

We shuffled to a table nearby and I lifted her onto the edge and pulled her knickers down. She had a beautiful mound with nicly clipped hair and her cuntlips were clear to see. I licked her for a few minutes and she gave me enough love jiuce to last a fair while.

I stood and put my cock at her lips and she was so wet that the cockhead just slipped all the way in.

I had her on her back so I lifted her jumper and bra and took both her lovely tits into my hands and bent over to suck her nipples.

We were fucking superbly while I was sucking her nipples.It was just unbelievable.

I was reaming a lady who had often figured in my fantasies and she was reaming back with terrific energy.

I was so stiff it was almost painfull. I looked down at her love box and saw my glistening stiff cock going in and out of her gorgeous cunt.

She started to grip me tighter with her legs and I felt her stiffen through her body.

She was close to her orgasm and I stood erect and started to really massage her tits and squeeze her nipples.

We were both coming now and as we did she gripped my body like a vice between her legs and guched her juice all over my bits and down my thighs.

I, in turn spat my cum deep into her dreamy cunt and gunted until every last drop had been spent.

As a one off it was the most spectacular I have ever had and I was just spellbound by her.

I could never have thought this was possible but was glad to have had it.

We cleaned what we could and she left me when we got to the kitchen.

While I was gleaming and finishing my second pint she came up to me and started talking about the football matches coming up a week later.

I asked her what the bet would be and she just said ´The ususal`.

I was early again the following Sunday.