Written by Marina

2 Jul 2006

I have been seeing my boyfriend for 3 years. We love each other deeply and our sex life is fantastic, but I just cant give up all others. This happened last winter.

It was the day before New Years Eve and I was visiting a friend overnight in the Midlands (no lie, but it was a male married friend).

We met in a pub as usual, and we decided ages back that each time we met we would wear one garment less each than the time before....so i just wore a dress, even went barefooted!

I have a good body, large arse and a large natural pair of breasts that jiggle when I walk if not constrained by a bra. My friend, Mark, made me walk the entire length of the bar and watched others looking at me. Mark himself just wore a pair of shorts, a smile and a large bulge in his shorts.

We had a drink then went to a hotel room where a night of great sex followed

The next day, I was driving home as my boyfriend and I were going to a party, when I received a text from Mike-another married friend who I had met several times but we had never done anything but oral. He asked me to meet him for a quick bj as he was supposed to be going to the gym. I said ok. I was wearing just the dress from the night before as I intended going home to tease and pleasure my boyfriend.

I met Mike in a remote place we had discovered, way out of the way near a quarry.

He sidled up to the car and when i opened the window he presented his rigid cock to me for sucking. I began and I could see him looking at me, his eyes appreciative of my dress and I realised it had ridden up showing my bald pussy. Mike came in my mouth but remained hard. He said "come out here and kiss me properly". I did, and he suddenly turned me around and bent me over the bonnet of his car. He rammed his 8 inches into my dripping wet pussy, pounding hard. He undid my dress and stopped fucking me just long enough for it to slip to the ground. He pushed me back to the car and immediately I felt his cock between my legs again. But he grabbed his cock pushing it a little higher and entered my virgin arse. Boy was that good. He pushed in slowly and once fully inside me he started fucking me hard. I didnt realise how much I was screaming with pleasure, but as he came I looked up and saw 3 quarry workers wanking as they watched us. Mike asked if theyd like to cum over me, so he lay me on the grass and I got my very first bukkake.....all three covered my face with spunk.

I frequently visit the quarry to entertain the guys there now - 20 in all, though I wank or suck them I just love being covered in their jism.