Written by dave and Sally

23 Nov 2003

Well the two young men had lovely hard cocks on show and while Sal was having a great time with the chap in the back of the car my thoughts turned to wether or not she would let them get more involved.

I did not have to wait very long to find out Sal said to the chap with her to open the door and get out and she followed

her dress was by now left on the back seat and she stood there in just her undies one of the younger chaps moved toward her and started to give her a good going over with his finger inside her wet pussy she took hold of his cock and gently rubbed it, the older chap asked her to go down on him so she bent her head to the level of his cock and began to give him a lovely sucking.She continued to rub the one younger mans cock and his mate wanting some of the action went behind her and started to rub his hands all over her arse

Sal was really moaning with pleasure and soon she stopped sucking the older chap and moved to the back of the car and placing her hands on the boot spread her legs and invited him to give her what he started to give her before the two young lads turned up.

He got behind her and pushed his hard cock all the way into Sal's hot pussy and she was urging him to go deeper and harder which he did.

One of the younger guys asked if he could have some of the action and the older chap moved aside and the young guy took his place and really gave it to Sal with long fast strokes,

she asked him after a while to allow his mate to get his inside her but he said no way babe i am going to fill you first then he can go into that spunk filled pussy afterwards he got faster and harder untill finally he said are you ready babe cos i am going to fill you with my hot cum, Sal begged him to fill her and she climaxed as he let his load go deep in her pussy

he stepped aside and his mate took his place and the noise his cock made as he entered her was something else very squelchy and she loved it it did not take him long to add his cum inside Sal's pussy.

He withdrew and with the hot cum of the two lads running from her the older chap got beneath her and started to lick her he said this is fantastic and continued to lick almost every drop of cum from Sal's swollen pussy he said to me come on you are her old man you should have some of this so i took his place and Sal turned so that she could take his cock in her mouth and from his moans i could tell she was not going to stop untill she had drained him he finally let out a loud groan of pleasure and i got up and Sal took me in her arms and gave me a big sexy kiss and we exchanged the chaps cum from her mouth to mine.It was such a great evening and when we got home we had another great 69 when we retired to bed and Sal's pussy was so red and swollen but she said how much she enjoyed it. If you young men read this we hope we can meet up again in the future.

Dave and Sally