Written by SheandHim

17 Oct 2006

In my last written experience, ‘the first time I saw my wife give herself to a stranger’, I explained how it felt and what it was like in our first experience when we set up an evening at a hotel for my wife to be fucked for the first time by a complete stranger whilst I watched. I suggest that you read that article first so that you can understand what Ive written below in context. It was probably the most erotic sexual experience I have ever come across and will never ever be able to forget that first time. Since than we have experienced it a number of times but just like losing ones virginity that first time it will always stay with you even though subsequent times have been amazing, but that’s for later. Not many guys outside of our mutual interest can understand why you would let your wife be taken by other guys and maybe if you are one of them, than what I have to say might enlighten you. Firstly, my wife and I have fantastic sex, her pussie is nicely shaped and tight as she hasn’t had a baby, so penetration is sheer delight because of that together with her excellent pelvic floor muscle control which she uses to grip me whilst im inside her and together makes her orgasm very deeply via her g-spot. This whole experience to me is so incredible that you start to believe that you want a reality check. Hence for me, wanting to share my wife Susan with new men comes naturally as I want them to share the same experience as I go through and when they say afterwards how amazing Susan was, it makes me feel how lucky I am for Susan to be my wife and I get my reality check. So to me, sharing Susan is an emotional experience as well as a physical one. Just being there, sometimes sitting and watching from a distance and sometimes getting close and watching together with listening to what is happening is a very cathartic experience. So many emotions go through your mind as you absorb what is going on. Have you ever watched the act of sexual intercourse from close up without actually doing it yourself or watching a movie, Im sure most of you have but next time really watch it in detail without being directly involved. Ive watched and saw the changes to Susan’s pussie as she was being licked by another guy, the way it swells up and reddens, the way her little clit hardens and reveals itself from her hood, the way her wetness flows out onto her lips, seeing his tongue take her juice into his mouth with each movement knowing he is tasting what I have tasted many times before and knowing that she is feeling a different stimulation each time with each new man. Then look at the act of penetration from very close up. I have watched as Susan has been penetrated in different positions with the best position for viewing was when she was on top of the guy. Now tell me if the most beautiful sight you have ever seen is not the moment of initial penetration when the head of his cock starts to open her lips apart and opening up her vagina as he starts to slide in with the help of her juice. It is that point that you know she is giving her self to him, you might be her husband but her pussie is his now and her juice is her permission for him to take her. Her pussie lips spread wide exposing her clitoris and she slides down onto him filling her pussie all the way to her cervix and womb and you know what he is feeling at that point and you see on her face what she is feeling deep inside. You look at her tummy and you know that deep inside is his cock and not yours and if she was not on the pill and he was not wearing a condom, it would be his cum and not yours deep inside her womb making that baby. That particular thought is exciting and frightening at the same time as it pulls on your primordial instinct. As she raises her self up again, you can see the wetness she leaves behind on his cock, her present to him before his cock thrust deep inside her again as she goes down on him again. When you watch, you see and hear all the changes and which ever position she is being taken, I can watch as her small pert breasts move back and forth to the rhythm of his thrust. If you just observe her breasts you can see at what stage they are both at just by the movement of her breasts as he works her towards her orgasm. I seriously enjoy watching Susan when she is taken doggie style to view the act of cuming. To watch your wife in that position, her breast swing back and forth increasing in speed as his thrusting becomes more intense until he is pounding her at this point is where sight and sound melt into one. The sound of his groin slapping into her cheeks, the sound of his cock penetrating her wetness, the sound of him groaning to the sheer pleasure and the sound of Susan trying to cope with all of it is completely intoxicating. Watching as he grips her hips or bum harder as he builds both of them up to the final frenzy shows his ownership of her. Ive watched Susan from all directions when she was being fucked but the point of orgasm is the most intimate part of sharing her with a complete stranger and knowing that even though Im her husband that feeling she is about to go through with that guy I will not own and it wont be mine to share is a very erotic experience. I have looked her in the eyes at that point and literally saw her eyes dilate at the point of orgasm before she closed them shut to savour her body going through orgasm. I promise you that when I say that when they are dilated, she couldnt see me, she wasn’t there, she was his and only he could see her through the sensations in his cock is the truth. Ive asked her afterwards and she could never remember me being there at the point of orgasm. When she does orgasm or they both orgasm together, seeing her body give way to a convulsion of shaking, her knees giving way and the sound she makes make it all worthwhile. Seeing the guy cum at that point worshipping my wife is the icing on the cake. I watched in silence as they both collapsed down onto the bed and he lays on top of her, both catching there breath back, both owning each other till they recover. He slides out with a very full condom and now Susan becomes my wife again, mine to love and to cherish and I really mean that and he becomes a total stranger again who we might never see again. Susan and I always talk about the experience afterwards, its important to me to know how she felt, what she enjoyed and what she didn’t and how she felt at the point of orgasm. This is important as it brings us back together again and we carry on as normal. Susan was never keen to go down this road at first but by treating this as an occasional treat and something to look forward to has meant that she has been able to let herself go more over time, each time giving it a bit more. She has also told me that with each guy being different, each experience is completely different, she is always slightly apprehensive at first but soon lets her self go when her pussie is being fucked in front of me. If you and your wife have never done this, I strongly recommend that you persuade her to give it go, she will not regret it and your first time watching will be forever burnt into your mind.