Written by Tania

7 Apr 2005

The Reluctant Model

© Tania

Following a forum debate on the attraction of pee play, I decided to share my story with you in the hope that it will arouse and inspire you. The story is set in London and the main characters are Bob, a 65-year-old painter and Tania (well what else would I call her?), a mid 30s BBW.

Bob and Tania met on the internet through an advert that she had on a sex site. At first Tania did not care much for Bob and found his obsession with pee play disturbing. However, that being a slow summer and him being an otherwise interesting person, Tania agreed to meet him for a cup of coffee.

He picked her up in his white Mercedes, which must have been a relic of his youth. The car was a testament to his artistic nature with wooden beads and artefacts hanging here and there, sketchpads strewn on the back seat, some polaroids stuck between the seats and an assortment of old cassettes in the dusty glove compartment that was missing its door.

They had their coffee at a nearby café where she felt safe and they talked about various things till he could hold back no longer and broached the subject of his fascination: pee play. Tania did not want to discuss even the possibility of ever doing such a thing. She felt it was disgusting and unhygienic but he baffled her with his remark ‘how do you know if you have never tried it?’ She shrugged her shoulders and glanced around her feeling very uneasy. However, Bob had not made it to this ripe age without knowing a bit about the female psyche, the curiosity and coquetry, so he played his cards right and managed to get Tania to agree to come to his house to look at some of his artwork.

His house was a bit like his car: dusty, untidy and crammed full of artefacts from all over the world. There was a hint of Morocco and India in the lounge and dining room and the studio reminded her of the Spanish countryside with its tiled floor and white walls. There was a big bed in the middle of the room with an iron headboard and footboard. It was plainly dressed in blue satin that had not even been made up properly and looked as if someone had recently been in it. There was a PC on the desk in the corner. Bob explained that nowadays he did most of his work on the PC and showed her some samples.

‘Did you really do these?’ Tania asked, fascinated by the colours and forms that leapt up from the screen. He nodded, content that she appreciated his work. ‘I could draw you, you know. I can just picture you…’ he said and described his fantasy to her. Tania was thrilled at the prospect of modelling for such a gifted artist. So she let him undress her and position her on the bed. She did not object when he pulled some colourful twisted thread ropes and bound her arms to the headboard. When he bound her ankles to the footboard with similar ropes she felt strangely elated. Her only worry as he set the lights and picked up the camera was that someone might recognise her but he quickly addressed that by covering her face with an orange silk scarf that allowed her to see what was going on but was hiding her features whilst still delineating the curves of her face. Bob took a few pictures that would later help him paint her portrait and kept telling her how sexy and desirable she looked lying helpless on the blue background with the orange scarf over her face.

He put the camera down and knelt on the bed. He began stroking her body making her writhe with pleasure. He told her he had a very small cock and would probably not be able to satisfy her via penetration but if she would not mind, he would try to fist her. Tania was shocked but thrilled at the same time, so she consented.

Bob’s wrinkled old hand touched her privates delicately and applied a good dose of lubricant on her inner labia. Slowly but surely he began fingering Tania’s cunt till he had all 4 fingers in. Then he began twisting his hand causing her to moan with pleasure as his knuckles excited the opening of her vagina. Then suddenly he thrust his entire hand in and she screamed with surprise.

‘Are… are you inside?’ she asked with a trembling voice once she was able to speak.

‘All the way, honey, all the way!’

He began manipulating her g-spot until she felt she could handle it no longer. ‘I want to pee!’ she cried in despair, feeling ashamed of herself. ‘Then pee!’ he replied casually. But of course Tania could not pee, it was just a reaction to having her g-spot titillated. Bob brought her to a screaming orgasm but did not remove his fist after she was done. He kept it inside and continued manipulating her till she came again. Tania was incredulous. Two orgasms in quick succession? That was a first for her!

Bob wanted her to go on cumming but she was tired, her limbs were aching from the strain of bondage so he reluctantly pulled out his hand that was smeared in Tania’s juices. He removed the silk scarf from her face and showed her his hand. ‘Look what you have done, look at my poor hand covered in your slimy pussy juices!’ he chided her. He then wiped his hand on her crotch and inner thighs.

‘I am going to release your right hand under one condition’ he offered. ‘You will use it to spread your cunt lips open for me and allow me to piss on your clit.’

Tania nodded, mesmerised by his commanding voice and the entire unbelievable scene that had just expired. Like an automaton, she guided her hand to her pussy and used her index and middle fingers to spread her lips as wide as possible inviting his piss.

Bob unzipped his trousers. He had a hard on. He brought his small cock to Tania’s mouth and asked her to suck him briefly. Tania obeyed without removing her hand from her crotch. She could smell his excitement as he buried his cock deep into her mouth, his pubic hair tickling her nostrils. Then Bob pulled out and got close to her crotch. Rubbing his cock violently, he let out a stream of gooey sperm on Tania’s dark pubic hair.

‘Are you ready now?’ he enquired.

She nodded, still unable to speak. Then she felt a hot stream of pee hit her clit. She was surprised that it did not really feel unpleasant. In fact, she felt turned on by the fact that she was lying there on his bed willingly spreading her cunt lips for him to piss on her clit! And it seemed to go on and on, so long that she felt compelled to rub her clit hoping for another orgasm.

When all was done, Bob showed her the way to the bathroom and put the satin sheet in the washing machine. He used some antiseptic wipes to clean the plastic mattress protector and then joined Tania in the bathroom.

‘Have you washed yourself well?’ he enquired.

‘I think so.’

‘Let me see…’

Bob placed his hands between her thighs and opened up her lips. He began feeling her cunt, wanting to make sure that every last drop of cum had been washed off. Tania was jiggling feeling ticklish, so he took a drop of Castile soap and used it in lieu of lubricant. He quickly homed in on her pee hole and began titillating it. Tania was breathless and unable to resist. She just stood there in the bathtub, one leg over the side of the bath, her hands holding on to his shoulders, her chin over his white hair as his face was resting on her soft large tits. She felt his finger probing her urethra and it was both enjoyable and torturous. She wanted to ask him to stop but her short laboured breath betrayed her arousal.

‘I want to finger fuck your pee hole’ he whispered and pressed his finger against it.

Tania experienced a sharp pain, which brought her to reality, and she begged for him to stop.

‘It is all right... Maybe not this time,’ he smiled soothingly at her.

‘Pee for me!’ he demanded and Tania, who had been dying for a pee, managed to let out a hot stream over his open hand. He then used the showerhead to rinse her off carefully.

He drove her home and asked when he could see her again. He told her he had lots of pee games he wanted to play with her and lots of new experiences he wanted to introduce her to. Tania smiled sweetly and said she’d be in touch. After all he had some erotic pictures of her that she would like to see…

Bob drove away wondering if he would ever see her again. He loved it when they were young and innocent. A reluctant model was always a worthy model in his books!