Written by Satisfied & Happy

18 Oct 2004

After another stressful day at work, I decided to go to the local leisure centre for a jacuzzi and sauna. I have been a few times before as this is the best place to get a good look at naked guys showing their cocks. As I undressed, I recognised a guy I had seen there before and remembered how good lucking he was, i felt a twitching of my cock, so went quickly into the steam room. After a couple of minutes Nick as I later found out, came into the room and sat beside me. We chatted for a while and I noticed he was gently stoking his cock which was about 8" and thick. By now I was rock hard under my towel and started to stroke my cock too. Nick then looked at me and reached over and took my cock into his hand and gently rubbed my shaft before bending and taking my cock in his mouth, licking my precum from my bellend. He then asked me to show him my asshole, which i willingly did. Before I knew what was happening, his tongue was being gently pushed inside me, I nearly shot my load there and then, but then I felt his finger being shoved hard into my hole. i was loving it and wanted more, he clearly read my mind and he then inserted another, then another and finally I had 4 fingers deep in my wet asshole. I began pushing backwards onto his hand as he finger fucked me hard. I was moaning with pleasure and begged him to put his hard cock inside me which he did to my delight. The feeling of his foreskin pulling back as he entered me was fantastic, he began slowly but was soon banging me hard, the risk of being caught was adding to our excitment and before long he told me he was about to cum. I really wanted to have a mouthful of hot cum, but before I had chance to turn around I felt his cock pulsate and empty his wad into my hole. As he took his still hard cock from my butt, I could feel his cum start to run between my cheeks, I was so horny, a few more strokes of my cock and I was pumping my seed over his hairy chest, which he began to rub in and taste from his fingers. I tasted a bit of my sweet cum from his chest which was so horny I wanted to start the whole thing again. We have arranged to meet again at his house for a full sucking, fucking, wanking and cumming session. I'll let you know how it turns out.