Written by Gareth

11 Aug 2003

At 12pm on Sunday my mates started to arrive for the match the fridge was full of beer and we were hanging around in the kitchen. At one we got in front of the telly forthe pre match talk. As we sat there drinking my wife Julie came in to say hi. Andy said "you can be our barmaid Julie" She lookedat Andy and told him to fuck off, as she left the room. However we all got a shock 10 minutes later when she walked back in wearing her black pvc dress, rubber stockings and red ankle boots with 5 inch heels, carrying a tray of beer. As she bent down to put the tray on the table it was obvious she had left her knickers off as her shaved pussy came into view. Sean grabbed her waist and burried his tonguejn her fanny while Paul stood up and offered Julie his hard cock which she willingly sucked. When Julie and Paul had come Julie smiled and said "quick, I'll suck you all before the game starts".Soon my wife was on her kness her head bobbing up and down over my mates cocks. After 12 mouthfuls of spunk.she smiled and told us to join her up stairs at half time and shed fuck us 2 at a time. "What if United win asked Bob, she just laughed and went up stairs leaving us with the match. My mates looked at me in amazement I just shrugged,I'ed see this behavior many times in the past,she knew what she wanted and intended getting it no matter what I thought! Julie was on heat and she was up for it. At 1 all at half time we raced upstairs to find Julie on the bed minus the pvc dress "come on 2 she teazed "you only have 15 minutes for half time, just fuck me hard" Bob and Andy got to her first,I got the camcorder,fuck this I thought and started to record the action.As they pounded her cunt and arse she screamed encouragement tofill her ith hot ccume,and thats shat she got all double fucked the slut leaving her ass and cunt full of six loads of cum in each hole.the lads went down stairs for the second half,I just stood there with the camcorder on Julie,whogot on all fours to show her ass, she then plugged her arse and cunt with her fingers forcing the lad come all over her hand. Smiling at the camera she proceeded to lick her fingers clean,as I turned to leave her she said I'll see you all at full time, hope United win" After United won tho shoot out Julie came down and demanded some attention for herself,so for the next half an hour the lads feasted themselve on her tits and fanny,while engaging in some outragous kissing and conversation. To celerbrate the win she allowed my mates one more go on her, allthe time I recorded the action.This time the lads lasted longer and they all made sure they tried out her cunt and arse hole,All cheering as each one filled her willing body again with their cum. When my mates left Julie told me to put the video on,she then lowered her cum filled ass onto my cock. My wife then proceeded tho fuck me while whacchig herself get fucked on screen, calling herself a dirty slut for alowing us to abuse her and treat her like a whore. When I was ready to cum I plled out of Julies ass and covered her face with my cum. Later that night the lads gave Julie a big cheer when we went to the pubnd bought all her drinks for the night. As we were leavinng the landlord said he'ed heard we had been having a good time and could he and Phil the bar man see the video Julie beinng pissed said yes come over. So ten minutes later the video was on again with Julie sat between Phil and the landlord,they were soon sucking breast each while fingering her cunt. the two just kept calling her a dirty slut as they whached the action. Then my wife got their cock out she smiled both 10" plus "last time to day" she wispered as she once again let her pussy and arse be penertrated at the same time,the 2 guysgave it hard and fast before pulling out and covering her face and hair in their spunk.After forcing her to suck their cocks clean they left leaving my wife covered in cum and panting like a dog and I'm contemplating what will happen for the rest of the season.