Written by Tony

13 Oct 2006

The scene was getting hotter & hotter , as the film progressed there was a scene where the girl was getting her pussy licked , my wife told him that looked sexy and would he like to do that to her , he nodded and pulled off her g string & positioned himself down at her shaven pussy & sucked and licked her , after a few minutes and lots of groans she asked him if he knew a number between 68 & 70 , he undestood straight away , he layed down with my wife on top , his cock by this time was like a pole and she started licking & sucking , this lasted for 1 minute until he said he was coming to which my wife carried on sucking & filling her mouth with his spunk.

I was enjoying the scene , my wife got off him & came & sucked me , we had agreed before he came around that he wouldn't fuck her , he went & washed his cock and when he came back into the room my wife asked him to come over & fuck her from behind , she looked at me and I smiled OK.

He positioned himself behind and slowly put his cock in her pussy , her mouth closed tighter on my cock as he thrusted deeper & deeper till eventually we all come together .

He went for a bath , within 2 minutes of him getting in the bath my wife had joined him , she lathered him & herself up & after a lot of body massaging him allowed his cock to easily slide in & fucked him again , while I was watching this horny scene I thought in for a penny in for a pound so I told him to lay down with my wife on top & I entered her bum , something I always wanted to do as my wife before this would only let me put my finger in & never my cock. My wife had multiple orgasms.

This story is completely true & this night will provide a lifetime of wanks if we never do this again , but to see my wife when he left I think it might one day happen again.