Written by Anonymous

28 Jun 2019


“Yep, the guy is something all right”

“Just look at the size of that cock… and the pure savagery. If he were real, I’d let him fuck me… all that primeval, raw, power driving a ten-inch rock hard cock… literally rock hard.”

I circled your waist with my arm, pulling you back against me and slipped my hand through the fold of your sundress. Running my finger across your pussy lips, I nudged your clit with the tip of my thumb.

“You’re wet. You like the idea of being fucked by a stone Inca idol”

“He’s not stone, he’s obsidian... and he’s an Aztec not an Inca”

“And he’s got a rock hard ten-inch cock you can imagine sliding into your oh-so-wet and hot cunt.”

My thumb continued its circling of your clit and I wormed my finger into your wet cunt.

“He’s watching me squirm. His eyes are following me. He knows I want it”

You move forward from me and up to the idol. You link your hands behind his head then move first one then the other foot so you a standing astride him. Your sundress falls away from your hips and I watch mesmerized as you release the idol’s head with one hand and use your fingers to hold open your pussy lips. Your thighs start to bend, the muscles flexing, as you curl your hips upward to align your cunt’s opening with the stone cock’s tip.

You bend your thighs further and shudder as the cock’s cool hardness slides into your cunt.

“Fuck, he’s in me… he’s fucking me. This is so depraved, so hot.”

You flex your thigh muscles further and the stone cock slides deeply inside of you. You rock back and forth, taking deeper bends each time as the cock reaches further into your cunt. Finally, you are fully penetrated; staring at the idol’s face, stroking his serpent head with your fingertips.

You move back and forth faster now, your lower lip gripped between your teeth and growling deep in your throat as you fuck the statue.

I lift the sundress clear of your ass and, kneeling down, watch the length of solid black rock, now slick with your pussy juices, sliding in and out of your cunt as you piston yourself against the idol.

Grasping your ass cheeks with both hands, I slide a thumb into your ass. You start to shudder and tremble as the orgasm’s first wave hits and, as it crests, I pull my thumb out of your ass and replace it with my tongue, triggering a second wave of orgasms.

You shudder with a third, massive, orgasm and fall backwards towards me, suddenly limp.

I lift you down and hold you steady while you regain your equilibrium and smooth down your sundress.


“Yes, Wow. I was just fucked by a stone god”