Written by Jane

5 Jan 2017

It had been a while since myself and John had spoken about our fantasies. John suggested a bucket list. We both set to work on pulling our lists together.

On sharing it became clear that both of us got turned on by having another man in the room. On discovering this I quickly booked a hotel room in hope of carrying out this fantasy.

On arrival at the hotel we went about finding a man that was happy to join us.

We proceed to the room but didn't even get that far before John started kissing me and caressing me in front of the stranger. The stranger took my tit in his hand and began to fondle it.

We reached our floor and my pussy was already wet and I could tell that both John and the stranger were also aroused.

We went into our room where we all enjoyed a glass or two of wine. John soon took me in his arms kissing and caressing. He pulled me toward him so that the stranger could see my bare arse. John moved between my legs opening them wide. Kissing and licking my inner thigh. We could see that the stranger was enjoying himself as he was rubbing his hard cock through his trousers. John took my pussy in his mouth and licked and sucked until I was on the brink.

The stranger moved closer, we assumed for a closer look but he had ideas of his own. He stood over my face and asked John of he could fondle my tits some more. John of course said yes. The stranger removed my bra and began to fondle and on doing so he removed his swollen cock from his trousers. John continued to watch whilst playing with himself. John soon moved to join the stranger above my head and placed his cock in my mouth and asked me to take the stranger in my hand. I obliged.

John placed a blindfold over my eyes and I took a swollen cock in my mouth, then another. I was left blind folded whilst being fondled and licked all over - what a turn on.

A swollen cock was then placed into my wet, swollen pussy. It didn't take long for me to climax followed quickly by both John and the stranger - one over my wet pussy and arse and the other over my tits.

A scenario that has always been discussed but never carried out. Hopefully wont be just a fantasy for long!!!