Written by John

29 Nov 2006

We were visiting some friends for the weekend, a married couple who were once neighbours. The husband had told me in the past that he fancied Carole (my wife) especially her big tits, but his wife Jane was not interested in anything extra-marital or hanky-panky so we had never swung together or anything like that.

On the Sunday morning, after we were all showered and dressed, the phone rang. It was Jane’s mother, having a problem with her dad who was not well. Jane told her mother she would drive over to help sort things out. After putting the phone down she took off saying she would be about half an hour and that Bill would amuse us.

No sooner had the car driven away than I went behind Carole, undid her bra, lifted it and her sweater clear of her tits and started to knead them. She did not complain at all, just leant back against me, so Bill came straight over and stroked Carole’s chest, chewed her nipples, moved to her stomach then, moving his hands to her hips, undid the button and zip of her skirt. This he pulled down, gripping her panties in the same movement and pulling them down with the skirt. Carole stepped out of these clothes as I pulled her sweater off, leaving her naked. After suckling her breasts and feeling her fanny for half a minute, Bill undid his trousers, pulling them down with his pants. We laid Carole on the living-room carpet, and Bill slipped his dick into her gash. He pumped into her for a few minutes then came into her while I watched and wanked. When he withdrew I leapt to take his place, and within a couple more minutes she received her second dose of spunk. By now she had sucked Bill clean.

We wasted no time in recovering. Bill and I replaced our pants and trousers and cleaned a spunk-stain from the carpet while Carole went upstairs to unload the majority of the spunk - that was still in her cunt - down the toilet, and to sort out her clothes and hair. Less than a minute after Bill & I had put on the TV and sat in the armchairs to read the papers Jane returned.

That was a bit close for comfort, but the shag was great fun and what a thrill!!