Written by Scottie

21 Aug 2012

I joined the Super Yacht in Monaco in early May as she was prepared for the Monaco Grand Prix.

The boat had just crossed the Atlantic from St Thomas via Bermuda and the crew was busy giving her a good clean. I was joining as second engineer and my first weeks on board were a flurry of activity.

As an officer, I had been allocated a small cabin forward with a shower room and decent bed. The rest of the 15 crew were also berthed forward on D deck. It was a very happy crew. The captain was a New Zealander aged about 40 who had commanded a fisheries patrol vessel. The Chief engineer was a Greek of about the same age who really knew his stuff. The head chef was Italian. The rest of the crew were uniformly young (between 18 and 25) and from a variety of nations. Two of the hostesses (“salad girls”) were Swedish, two were from Poland, one was from Manchester. The final hostess was Michelle who hailed from Guernsey. Aged 22, Mich had jet black hair, freckles and knock out dark blue eyes. She took me under her wing to show me the ropes. All the deck crew were bronzed young men from France and Holland.

Our uniform consisted of a starched white shirt with tabs for epaulettes, dark blue shorts (skirts for the girls well above the knee), and deck shoes. All the men wore white socks with the officers expected to wear longer socks. The laundry room on D deck was constantly busy as you can expect.

It was on my fifth night on board that Mich joined me in my bed and completed the induction. She had a free and easy way about her and liked to take control. Her hair fell over her face as she rhythmically built herself towards orgasm on my rampant cock. Her eyes shut, her beautifully weighted breasts capped by stubby hard nipples that brushed up and down my chest before bouncing freely up and down as she leant back further running her hands through her hair as she slowed her pace. Her mound was completed unshaven and I have this abiding memory of my cock being sucked into her jet black curlies and then the vacuum effect as it was dragged out again to what seemed like the very tip. Her thighs were rock hard and under the tension of bending backwards as her hips rose up on my full length and her back curved with stomach muscles straining as she reached back with a hand to grasp my ankle before she drove back onto me with her hips grunting like an animal. She used every centimetre of my cock holding it firm with little internal squeezes and gyrations as she went. Her control was extraordinary. How she managed to keep me in her, I do not know.

I had one of my hands pushed firmly on the base of her pelvis with my thumb firmly lodged inside her hood playing with her hard clit. The other was clenching and unclenching the base of her left buttock in time with her thrusts. My cock felt like it had been stretched by an inch by her contortions. Finally she orgasmed with a prolonged muffled groan, before I brought her back to my embrace by raising my knees. Mich was still impaled on me as she tussled my hair, squeezed me tightly by wrapping her legs around by back and kissed me until I was breathless. Her deep blue eyes were locked upon mine her nipples were hard as nails on my chest as she squeezed and released my cock with her internal muscles until finally I could hold out no more and came with a hard spurt deep inside her.

“You will have a good time aboard with a cock like that” she said. I thought I had just got the hottest girlfriend, but I know now that she meant something else.

The next night I went to her cabin. When I sneaked in, I found that Michelle was not alone. She shared this cabin with Jess, her blonde colleague from Manchester. She was there and the two were naked in bed together. Michelle simple lifted up the sheet and invited me in as she continued to receive cunnilingus from the Mancunian. It was so sexy to watch and listen to that I gently joined in, sucking on Mich’s nipple as she shuddered to a climax and fell back on the pillow spent. Jess, without any interruption, simply rolled over onto me, grasped my hard cock, lifted herself onto it and bucked herself to orgasm with Michelle frigging her clitoris as she went. Jess had small tits but the most wonderful raised aurora to her nipples, a tiny waist and an all over tan. Her nails raked my chest as she came and made me lose my control and blast with force into her hot pussy. Mich pulled her fingers out of Jess and licked them one at a time before giggling and falling into an embrace with Jess who had rolled on top of her with a leg crooked over her bare sweaty stomach. Jess’s ass cheeks were splayed apart, her bronzed legs akimbo with my spunk and her own juices running out of her reddened hole, down her lower leg and onto Jess’s hairy mound below.

I went back to my cabin leaving them asleep in each other’s arms.

Over the coming weeks I discovered why the crew were such a happy team. Everyone was having fun but no-one was a fixed couple. The only people I didn’t see directly involved in the frolicking were the chief engineer and the chef. Work hard, play hard was obviously the ship’s motto.

There was one particular Polish girl with long legs and slim hips who should have been a film star. One of the Swedish girls was almost as stunning but shorter with tits to die for. In fact all the six “salad girls” and the assistant chef were stunning beauties. Of the male deck crew, the two Dutchmen were feral and the French were gay: There was just one rule: No crew sex was allowed in the owners cabins, at least not unless the owner or his guests were involved, but that is for later.

And so it was until the owner came aboard about 48 hours before the Monaco Grand Prix qualifying sessions. That is when it started getting serious and I started really earning my pay.