Written by Scottie

28 Aug 2012

It was Monaco Grand Prix week. Our Super Yacht was in full entertainment mode. Apart from the two resident guests, a big party had been organised for the Friday night and a collection of VIP’s were invited to watch the big race from our yacht on the Sunday afternoon.

I didn’t see the two resident guests until after the Friday morning practice session when the Monaco roads re-opened to general traffic. I had been half expecting some murky eastern mafia types, but these were New York city gents that looked like they worked for a large US corporation. Well dressed men in the late 40’s with manners and education. They had been guided to their cabins on the lower deck. These two cabins had had surveillance cameras installed the day before. The owner had immediately scheduled a business meeting in the main dining area. I had been instructed to activate the electronic jammer and to test its operation. As I left the room, the two guests were invited in. The meeting was joined by one last man who was described to me by the Captain as the owner’s lawyer.

The doors to the meeting were closed and the two goons stood watch outside the doors to ensure no interruption.

I wandered back up to the main deck to check that the jammer was indeed working and disrupting all comms. To do so I went back to the owner’s office, fired up the surveillance PC and checked for a signal. It was just snow. Likewise the reception on my mobile phone was off. The jammer was working fine so I closed everything down and made to leave the office.

The owner’s companion was standing outside the door.

“We haven’t been properly introduced” she said to me in her soft American accent. “We met yesterday, but you were preoccupied”.

That was a good word for it I thought: She had caught me prying on the two “nieces” via the HD camera in their cabin.

“Come” she said. “I would like some company for the afternoon while my husband is busy”. She led me to the forward terrace deck. This was a totally private area forward of the master cabin, shielded from the bridge deck by the flying bridge arrangement and from below by the solid curved balustrade. I noticed her excellent posture as she walked in front of me to through the master suite. She walked like a model on a catwalk in her fifties style knee length floral silk dress.

There were two loungers, a round table with the day’s papers and various built in lockers that I knew contained fridges, freezers, refreshments and even a shower area discretely set behind the huge padded sun-bed that took up the port side front of the terrace. Michelle stood on duty but at ease at the far corner.

“We shall pretend for the afternoon that we are just friends and not employer and employees. I am Lara, I was born in Greece and educated outside Boston at one of the colleges called the seven sisters. I met my husband 10 years ago in Lebanon. He helped me out of a small difficulty and I am in his debt forever”.

“How long have you been married, Mam?” Asked Mich.

“We never formally married, but I am his wife” came the reply “and this afternoon I am Lara, not ‘Mam’. Michelle, please get us all a bottle of wine. I hope you like Burgundy. It is my failing.”

This woman was totally natural and I was warming to her good nature. We spent the next hour talking about Athens, her family there, her relationship and her drive. It seemed that the ship’s owner travelled frequently and his passion was his work. Lara was left with time on her hands which she used in support of various charities. Three bottles of bloody good white wine disappeared. It was hot. There was music from the next door yacht which seemed to be running a party for a rock band. It acted as a great soundtrack.

By this time Mich and Lara were lounging on the big sun-bed and I needed a leak. Lara noticed my discomfort and indicated to the shower area which also had a toilet. As I left, Lara was curling Mich’s black hair in her fingers and Mich was laid back with tipsy eyes and a smile. I really wasn’t long, but by the time I got back, Lara was in a full clinch with Mich who was having her uniform blouse unbuttoned. I fetched another bottle of wine and started replenishing the glasses.

“I think we need some ice, please” ordered Lara, as she spread Mich’s blouse open to reveal a white bra filled with the gorgeous tits that I had first experienced as part of my induction. “Michelle is rather hot and flushed”. I passed the ice bucket to Lara who ran an ice cube up Mich’s arm and down her shoulder across her throat. Lara pulled the blouse and bra straps away from Mich’s shoulders, down to mid arm.

You probably know that skin tone that you can only get on a young woman with a very healthy tan? That tone where the hairs on the arms and legs go light golden from the sun and like soft down against the deep brown of the suntan? Mich had that. A girl of 23 in her full prime. A girl who enjoyed life.

A second ice cube was needed. Lara popped open the front opening bra and started circling a nipple with the new ice cube. I watched the nipple grow to its stubby best as the ice melted, trickling down Mich’s stomach. Little goose pimples formed and then retreated on her breast.

“Help me” said Lara. So, I started on the other side with another ice cube. I wasn’t on the lounger as Mich was lying along one edge with an arm trailed down to the floor, her index finger making a circular pattern on the deck. Mich just lay there with her eyes closed smiling like a cat. You could tell that she was in heaven from the hardness of her nipples and the moist slightly opened lips. Lara got up and picked up the suntan lotion from the table. When she returned, she simply untied Mich’s navy blue uniform wrap-around skirt and pulled it open. Mich was now lying there in her white panties and her open white uniform blouse, her white ankle socks and deck shoes in stark contrast to her tanned legs. But rather than applying the lotion, Lara went back for another ice cube. This time it was run down the stomach and along the top edge of her panties. Mich twitched. Another cube up her left leg to the bottom panty line. Mich’s legs parted slightly. She licked her lips. Then both of us together with ice cubes up the inside of each leg. Mich let out an involuntary groan. More ice, this time down her stomach again. Heavier breathing. Lara took hold of the panties at both hips and peeled them off Michelle, dropping them and the skirt onto the deck. Lara ran yet another ice-cube over her thick black pubes and down towards her crack. Mich’s hips were heaving.

Lara knelt between Mich’s ankles and started with little kisses up her legs. I stood behind Lara and gently kneaded her shoulders. “Unzip my dress please” said Lara between kisses.

The back of the silk halter dress was already cut low and the zip went from the base of Lara’s back to half way down her buttocks. It was so sensuous to be slowly pulling down the zip of a very expensive dress while the occupant knelt forward over a naked girl. I was so hard. The opening zip revealed Lara’s perfect spine, bumpy disk by disk, then her indented coccyx and finally the curve of her hips and her pert buttocks. No knickers. She had not been wearing knickers or a bra.

Lara reached back and pulled the tie of the halter at her neck and the dress slid from her shoulders and it fell in a silken cascade to her knees. Lara was naked apart from a simply whopping great big solitaire diamond on a pendant that swayed and bumped along Mich’s body as Lara kissed her way up to Mich’s sex, her hair falling forward to reveal her long thin neck to me.

“Don’t just stand there, do something”.

I went for the sun lotion. Smearing it on my hands, I began at Lara’s neck and slowly rubbed cream into her shoulders and back, running lower and lower with each pass. She seemed to like that. I squirted a big dribble from the bottle into the trough of her lower back and watched as it trickled down between her buttocks. I rubbed it in. A second smear into my hands and this time I circled her under her arms to her breasts. I trailed her nipples between my fingers and cupping the swinging orbs as she slurped on Mich’s open fanny faster and faster. I kept that going for some time. Another squirt of lotion and this time I returned first to her back and then to kneading Lara’s buttocks, running my thumbs deeper and deeper between her legs until I was caressing her down the full length from her anus to her pussy. At the end of each pass my fingers squeezing the round of her buttocks. Lara’s tongue work quickened and her buttocks clenched against my hands each time I completed the circuit with my thumbs. She also reacted with little electric shocks each time my fingers got close to her anus. It made Mich quite frantic underneath. Suddenly she came with a gigantic scream and Lara followed her in orgasm and shuddered to a halt.

There was a whirr. That was the noise of the lift.

“Scottie, quick...get in the shower”. I moved like lightning, grabbing my glass as I went to remove the evidence that I had been there.

I could hear that it was the owner. He did not sound happy as the lift disgorged him into the gangway outside the stateroom.

“The bastards want 30% more than I am willing to pay. They want guaranteed production rates. They want to fix the exchange rate AND they want 25% of the business”. Lara? Honey? Where are you?”

“I am here darling, on the terrace. I am entertaining myself in your absence” Said Lara.

There was a pause.

I wish I could have seen the owner’s face when he discovered Michelle with Lara naked on the sun-bed, but I was shaking in my boots that he would discover me in the shower. Especially as I realised that I had tinted suntan lotion smeared all down the front of my dress uniform...It was obvious that I wasn’t there making a repair and had been pressing myself into his wife’s oiled body.

“Oh god, Lara, She’s part of the crew. Why can’t you get pleasure from one of the provided entertainers? They are professionals”.

“Quite darling, that is exactly why I prefer Michelle’s company. She is very cute and I am sure you really approve. We do it for pleasure not for business. Why don’t you join us?”

“I have to decide what to do with those jokers downstairs”

“Well it sounds to me like you must carry out your original plans with or without them. Let things take their course tonight and try for a better deal tomorrow. Come and join us”.

“Later, later. I had better get back.” I heard his voice receding and the sound of the lift came again, taking him back down to the lower deck and his meeting.

The girls giggled and ran into the shower area. “God that was close”.

“Yes, he is very possessive towards me with other men. If he had found you, it would not be forgivable and you would be in big trouble.” And with that Lara turned on the shower and soaked me in my uniform.

“You must go back to your deck with Michelle” said Lara as she kissed me on the lips. “Go in the lift, so that he does not see you. But first I want you inside me. Come here my sailor, but be quick , he will be back soon.” The shower continued to run as Michelle and Lara stripped me of my clothes. I was sat on the wooden shower seat while Lara took her pleasure straddling me. “You were right Michelle” said Lara. “This is a fine addition to the crew”.