Written by Angel

27 Jul 2004

I soaked myself in a scented bath and carefully chose something enticing to wear. Black stockings with a lace top, black heels, sheer bikini knickers (thongs are just so common), a sheer black wrap around my waist and black camisole to match. I lit the scented candles, put the music on, uncorked a bottle of red wine and waited.

When he came through the door it was instant passion, no hello how you been, nothing. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me. A warm tender kiss wet with desire and passion. My knees almost buckled beneath me. I pushed him away from me and invited him in. Poured a glass of wine and returned to him. His mouth found mine again as he pressed me down into the sofa, trailing his tongue down my neck to my breasts, nibbling and biting them, sending me into a frenzy of desire. Soon my knickers lay discarded on the floor as his tongue worked it's magic on my wet eager pussy. I was in heaven! He helped me rip his own clothes off (I'm out of practice there!) and we switched to 69. I licked and sucked and massaged his dick and swollen balls, tasting his pre-cum in my mouth. He tasted so good, almost sweet, the results of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, I'm sure.

He'd brought his camera along with him and every now and again I was startled yet somehow turned on as the camera flashed from this angle and that. He flipped me round so I was bent over the back of the couch, ripped a condom open with his teeth and fucked me hard, riding my soaked pussy, alternately with my my ass in deep penetrating almost painful stokes. I replied with yelps of ecstasy and desire and an orgasm so long over due.

At this point I realised we'd probably alert a queue of neighbours outside the lounge window with the noise we were making, so quickly slammed them shut. This was also an appropriate moment for time out. He ate, I smoked, we drank some wine and chatted. With him I was comfortable and perfectly at ease. It's always a fantastic compliment when a buff gym instructor appreciates your 38 year old hide!

We moved up to the bedroom to christen my new bed and fucked until I thought we couldn't fuck anymore then collapsed in a sweaty pile of spent lust. He had had me dancing at the edge of desire for the longest of time that I almost believed the tumbling wave of orgasm would never come. He lay on his front while I mounted him and prepped him for a long and sensual massaged. I reveled in the beauty of his perfect form. What a lucky girl was I?!!!

We fucked once more then set the alarm and settled into each others arms, lying spoons. But the man was insatiable and slipped into me once more. The perfect end to a perfect night of passion.

In the morning after a slap-up breakfast in bed he pinned me face down on the mattress and rammed me hard one last time. Leaving me sore yet sated and thoroughly abused. But it's that delicious pain of knowing I've just gone ten rounds with an unforgiving gym instructor!

I can't wait to meet with him again....