Written by Graham

6 Feb 2005

I must tell you this story that happened to me before I married my wife. I was staying at my future wife's house for a week and was attracted to her mother who was a good looking size 14 fortyish.

On the Monday Iwas in the house alone with Anne my futrue motherinlaw when she said 'Was I fucking her daughter?'

So I said no which wasn't true but what else do you say.

She then said 'Well if I wasn't I should be. But as i wasn't it would give her the opportunity to find out she was going to get a good fuck'.

She said'Come on let's try you out on my waterbed'We went through to her bedroom and she began to strip. Well my hard on was seriously testing my zip. She had wonderful tits with bblush aureo;es and longish pink nipples. Imoved to touch them but she said 'Not yet. You can only paly when you have seen all the toy! She continued to strip intil she stood there in her lacy panties.'Do you want to see the prize?' she said. I nodded open mouthed. she slowly slid off the panties to reveal her heart shaven pussy.I was already to explode in my trousers. She came over to me and said 'Let's see what youve got and began undoing my shirt and licking my nipples. Her hand slid down and undid mytrosers and reached for my cock/I remember moaning as she began to sroke it.She said 'I want no foreplay just put it straight in me and fuck me as hard as you can.I want you to come as much as you can inside me.'

I laid her on the waterbed and after the rippling subsided I pushed my cock deep into her wet pussy. I fucked her as hard as I could.She moaned at firdst then started screaming

'Fucking great. Fuck me harder'

I increased the speed at which I pushed into her and could feelher muscles squeezing my cock at every thrust. When I came i seemed to spurt my come for ages.'Oh thats was fucking wonderful@ shesighed @and your spunk was so hot'

she told me to go and shower and that f I was good she would play again.We did every day after that and have continued to do so periodically in the six years since.