Written by An old matelot.

14 Aug 2005

In 1945 I was an Air Mechanic in the Fleet Air Arm stationed at St.Merryn near Padstow, in Cornwall. I had been spending a week with my girl-friend in Walsall. Our Technical Training was carried out at the R.A.F. training camp at Hednesford and Walsall was a good 'run ashore', hence my girlfriend. I travelled to Birmingham to catch a train to Bristol where I changed to one going to Penzance, I changed trains again at Bodmin Road for Wadebridge and finally once again to the Padstow 'Donkey' which ran along the beautiful Camel river. I got into a carriage and settled down before realising that it was an old-fashioned one that had no corridor. I was the only occupant. Just as the Guard blew his whistle for the train to start the door was thrown open, a suitcase was flung in by a porter which was followed by a rather agitated lady. I hefted the suitcase up onto the rack, the woman plumped herself down, "Thank you, oh, I really thought I was going to miss the train," she panted. Being seventeen I thought her quite old at the time, but I realised as I grew older that she was probably late thirties, early forties.

It was a long slow journey in those days with constant stops and delays. She asked me if I was going to Plymouth and I told her that it was to Padstow, but she didn't follow it up and we just talked generalities about the War and such. After about an hour it was obvious to me that the woman was in some discomfort and I asked her if she felt alright. 'Oh yes, I am really, but I'm desperate to spend a penny!" "Well, I'm afraid there's no chance of getting to a toilet," I told her. "Oh, I know, whatever am I to do?" I thought about it for a minute or two then I said, "I hesitate to say this, but the only solution I can see is for you to go out of the window." Now this was quite a common occurrence by servicemen but she was a woman which therefore made it far more difficult. "I don't see how I can." "At the risk of being indelicate," I said, "you would have to remove your knickers, I will open the window. The space between the seats is quite narrow, if you hoisted your skirt up and put a foot on the seat on each side, I will hold you and you can, in effect sit out of the window." She looked very doubtful, "The train is going quite fast, you know." "Yes, but it does keep slowing down. If you got ready, the next time it sllows down you could do it, it's not as if there is anyone else to see you." "I suppose I shall have to then," she replied, mournfully, "you will make sure I don't fall out, won't you?" "Of course," I assured her.

I had learnt that the woman's name was Cecily, The train started to slow down a little while later, "Come on then, Cicely," I said, "get yout knickers off and you'll be able to go in a minute." She stood up, she was dressed in a dark jacket and skirt with a white blouse. She took the jacket off and, putting her hands up her skirt, hooked her white knickers down, she was wearing black stockings and a suspender belt. I let down the window, helped her stand astride the seats and held her as she hoiked her skirt up, tucked it into the waistband and sat out of the window. The train was travelling very slowly by now and I heard the sussuration as she let go, "Oh, thank goodness!" she said as she relieved herself, not realising that I had a perfect view of her fanny as I helped her up and then another as I helped her down, even seeing that her bottom and upper thighs were all wet. I got an erection immediately.

Once down I closed the window and she turned her back on me as she picked up her knickers and dried herself with them, "Oh, that is such a relief, you are such a clever, kind boy!" She turned not realising that she had yet to lower her skirt. Then she looked me up and down more closely, "Have you got a 'stiff-un' on?" Now a Navy man's 'square rig', at least at that time, did not allow for any expansion of his genitalia, any such thing was immediately visible to anyone who cared to look. I had little choice to admit that I had. "I take it that you have yet to see a girl's quim then if you become hard looking at mine!" I was absolutely astounded and didn't know what to say but simply nodded. Then I stuttered, "I think it looks very beautiful."

She smiled, "Then I don't mind you looking," she said, "come here." I closed with her and she felt me, "My goodness you are a big boy, let me see it!" The lights were very dim but I dropped my trousers and underpants. "Yes, I thought so, you're much bigger than my husband. There's no one here to see us, shall we have some fun?" She kissed me and felt my prick, wrapping her fingers round the shaft and beginning to wank me, "You can feel me," she went on, "but you have to be very gentle." I cupped the soft mound, even her pubic hair felt soft, and slid my finger up an down her slit. It became wet very quickly and she started panting. "You've got a lovely prick, do you like my quim? Put your finger in." I did as I was bid. I'd never even seen a woman's cunt let alone felt one, I was surprised how slippery she was inside, and how delicately soft. She guided my finger, "Touch me here, but very gently," she instructed. I felt a little hard ridge under the skin, it was her clit, although I didn't know it then. She jumped, "Oh yes! That's so good! Will you fuck me?" I was astonished at her language spoken in such an upper class accent. "Yes!" I panted.

"Come along then." She lay back on one of the bench seats and opened her legs, for the first time I saw a woman's cunt in all it's glory. She pulled me over on top of her and entered my prick with her hand, "There, now fuck," she told me. I was enclosed in an incredibly hot, slippery tunnel that gripped my prick firmly but softly. I pushed it up her, "Go on, go on!" she cried and I withdrew and pushed in again, then again and again and again, "Oh you lovely boy!" She moaned. I managed about half a doxen strokes before I came. One thing I did have was a fierce and very plentiful ejaculation, I had once tossed off in our bathroom and hit the far wall six feet away only a few inches below the level of my prick. She cried out as she felt me come and filled her cunt. I flopped on top of her.

As we recovered she kissed me, "That was absolutely wonderful, I haven't had sex like that since I was a girl! No don't take it out, you're young you'll get hard again in a minute or two and you can fuck me again, it'll last much longer!" And it did, twice more in fact, it got incredibly messy, but the messier it got the better she liked it, and towards the end of the second time she had an orgasm, not that I knew what that was either, but she obviously loved it. After we had finally stopped and parted she asked me to haul her case down and she took out a towel and cleaned us both up. "I never knew, " she said as she dried me, "that it was possible for a man to come so much spunk!"

We reached Bristol and she got off the train too, the same at Bodmin Road and Wadebridge where we both boarded the Padstow Donkey. She thought that we had better travel in different carriages, which I thought had been a very good idea when I saw her next. A couple of Sunday mornings later a mate and I were out walking and we saluted an officer, it was the C.O. and holding his arm was Cicely. She winked at me on the side away from her husband. My mate said,"She winked at you, why did she do that?" "I've no idea," I replied.