Written by pinky

2 Sep 2006

Hi i have been a training officer for a number of years and get to meet a wide range of people,from bin man to senior management in my range of work all ages and sizes.

As i am small and slim with 34d tits and like to wear low cut tops etc i am fair game for the males to get a quick look and i like to see there cocks grow hard knowing the effect im having on them and then brush up against them and let them have a quick feel of my stockings through my skirt.

As i say this was all erotic thoughts till several weeks ago until i became single again now i get my thrills through the day knowing at the end i will get want i want.

I pick my target and ask him to stop back and help me pack up and they never grumble.Ive had fit man to fat man,bin men to senior managment,big cocks and little ones!but never a black one there is still time.

As they are not expecting it i have to make the first move.I reach for their cocks and ther expressions are un believable, I love sucking cock and have never had any complaints up to date but dont swallow well not yet.once they know im game and just a dirty whore at heart the fun begins.They cant wait to get my tits out and rub my big nipples while working there way into my knickers i always watch there faces when they feel a shaven pussy and then slide there fingers in.I love having my skirt hitched up and taken from beind and i always have to finish on top and have multiple orgasms.They all think that there the only one but as i say one day its high management the next a binman filling me up and i only ride bareback so its even more erotic.I would like some big black meat and would love to be spit roasted but havent found the courage yet so next time your on a training course it could be me so dont rush off you never know you luck