Written by ollie

4 Sep 2004

My wife has always been a bit shy, so we always hire a secluded villa for our holidays.

Well she was fast asleep by the pool, soaking up the early morning sun, her bald shaven pussy enjoying it's spell of rare freedom. Legs spread wide and inviting the world to enjoy the pleasures whithin. When the world turned up.

I was having my morning wash, when I heard Portugese voices grow louder and two men arrived to clean the pool.

Well my sexy little wife did not realise that the pool needed maintenance, and with her head-phones on, and shades covering her blue eyes, she slept on.

Well the two lads fell silent and quietly went about there business, but winking at each other and cleaning the spot opposite the little wifes gaping slit, must have been the cleanest bit of pool in Portugal.

All this time I peeped on, but was in a terible dilema. I had a raging hard on, as the tension of the moment took its toll. How could I feel so turned on by two strangers having such an intimate image of my wife. More worrying, the nagging longing for one of them to make an advance on her and take her as I watched. I always thought I was the jealous type. Obviously not.

Also the thought of should I rush to wake and save her, thus exposing her to the embarrasment, or leave her and hope she slept through.

Well my dilema was sorted. Hazel suddenly rose, said good morning to the lads, and came into the villa, like it was an every day occurance.

When she found me with a red face and a huge hard on, she kissed me and turned right around and went back out to the two lads, and naked as you like, offered them drinks.

She entertained them for at least half an hour while they did their chores and waved them good bye as they left.

Did we fuck that day. All our secrets came out. She was desperate for them lads to roast her, and I was desperate for them lads to roast her.

Well they did a few days later, and I spent 3 hours in a shower room, peeping out of the slats at my shy, wouldn't say boo to a goose litle wife, get two strangers cocks. Big ones I might add. Shoved in her every orifice.

She even had the front to make me beg to clean her little sore bits out with my tongue after, whilst going on about the fullness of her womanhood, while she was being taken by the lads.

That pool was the cleanest in Portugal by the time we left, as the lads turned up most mornings.

And Hazels pussy, and other bits were also well cleaned.