Written by David

15 Jun 2005

Quite a few years ago an old army friend rang me up and said that his son Jack, on leaving University, and his new wife Vera were moving to my area where Jack had got a good job. As they didn't know anyone he asked if I could help with accomodation. As it so happened I owned a small cottage in the country not far from where Jack was to work and at present it was sitting empty. I said that they could have the cottage rent free provided they tidied up the garden which had become a bit overgrown. They were suitably grateful and moved in

A few weeks after they moved in I happened to be in the area one Saturday morning and decided to look in on Jack who would be on his own as Vera had got a job in a shop and worked on Saturdays. When I arrived at the cottage I knocked on the door but there was no reply. As Jack's car was there I knocked again even louder and an upstairs window opened and a rather flushed Jack looked out and said, "Oh David. I'll be down in a moment." The thought crossed my mind, "I wonder what he was up to in the bedroom." While I waited for him I could see that the garden was in good shape but what caught my eye was the washing line with several pairs of knickers, a couple of bras and a suspender belt. I went over and studied the knickers, mostly nylon ,black or white but one pair of pink silk french knickers to match the pink suspender belt.I was still studying the underwear when Jack arrived looking a bit hot and bothered and I was sure that he had been up to something. I said casually, "I was just admiring Vera's underwear. I'll bet she looks fetching in these knickers." Reaching up and feeling the pink knickers. Jack went red and said, "Oh yes she does." I prolonged his embarrassment by feeling and commenting on all the underwear in turn and I noticed that in spite of his embarrassment that his cock had swelled in his tight trousers. He was obviously getting turned on by me discussing his wife's knickers etc. Eventially I said that I wouldn't mind a coffee and he invited me in. He made the coffee and when we sat down he was clearly ill at ease and I soon discovered why. He was wearing slippers and no socks and I could see that he was wearing nylon stockings and then I noticed the suspender buttons through his tight trousers. I said, "You have got on Vera's stockings and suspenders. Are you wearing her knickers too?" He blushed bright red and nodded shamefaced. I said sternly, "Right get your trousers and shirt off I want to see what you look like." He protested but I insisted and he stripped off his shirt and slacks. He was quite a goodlooking young man and my cock hardened at the sight of him standing there in dark brown nylons, a black suspender belt and black nylon knickers. I told him to sit on my lap and as I caressed his stocking clad thighs his cock immediately swelled inside his knickers. I turned his face to me and kissed him. He resisted slightly at first but his mouth soon openened and our tongues entwined. I felt his cock through the thin nylon and he was soon panting and moaning as I caressed his cock and with a cry his cum filled the black knickers. After he had recovered I too stripped off and got dressed in another pair of Vera's stockings suspenders and silk knickers and Jack wanked me off through the thin silk. Later on we we indulged in mutual sucking and sucked each other off. Although I didn't fuck him that first time I did on future occasions. Both of us always wearing stockings and suspenders.

After the first few times he confessed to me that he would dearly like to see me fucking his wife Vera.

In due course I did but that is another story.