Written by James

12 Apr 2006

Sorry if this is a bit long, but it’s all true….

I had been living with Sarah for about 15years, and we had often talked about getting married but there was always too much else going on. After the first two very sexy years together, Sarah asked me one day about my past – the wildest things I had done. Part of my revelations to her was the fun I had enjoyed with another couple in a threesome some time before she and I had got together. Sarah was fascinated by the idea, and encouraged me to find a couple for us all to play with – a foursome.

After some false starts with the wrong couples, Sarah decided it wasn’t for her – she didn’t like the pressure of anticipated sex and then finding that she didn’t like the guy. She asked me to find a couple, get to meet them and see what they were like, then bring her into the scenario if they were right. I was fortunate enough to meet one very attractive couple, much younger than us but looking for a mature man to widen their interests. The first meetings with Henry and Natalie went very well – she liked the extra excitement and he enjoyed being made to watch his wife enjoying herself. Natalie was just 30 and very pretty, with long blonde hair and a beautiful slim figure, a very firm 34c with upturned nipples that always seemed to be hard, and a smallish round bum that was a delight to play with. Henry was a real film star type – tall, slim, good-looking and very fit, with very dark curly hair and deep blue eyes. After a few months I mentioned that Sarah would like to join us sometimes, if they wouldn’t mind. They both seemed keen and we met in a smart London restaurant to see how things would work out. A few days later we fixed our first foursome and I enjoyed the wonderful sight of Sarah being fucked by this gorgeous hunk of a man, while my cock was buried deep in his wife’s pussy.

Next thing we know, they want to introduce us to their friend Nina, so the foursome became five and Henry and I had a great time – as did the girls, who were playing together as well as with us guys. Then we found out that Nina’s job was in a registrar’s office – and she married people as part of her work. Would she marry Sarah and me? Of course, she said, great fun to marry people she knew. So it was arranged – very smart location, just 30 of our closest family and friends – a wonderful day for Sarah and me.

We had just solemnly promised to ‘forsake all others’ and ‘stay true to each other’ in this legal ceremony, when Nina said quietly – well that won’t last long, will it! After all the celebrations and when the other guests had left, Sarah and I went to our luxury suite in this famous hotel, taking Nina with us.

As soon as the door was closed, Sarah and Nina climbed onto the king size bed and started playing – Nina’s head disappearing up Sarah’s wedding dress to lick her to her first married orgasm. Sarah laughed and said her husband should have been the first to do that, but Nina had brought her strap-on and announced that the husband wasn’t even going to be the first to fuck his new bride! I had stripped off the Armani suit and my cock was as hard as I’ve ever known it, watching these two women play. Sarah agreed to let Nina fuck her before me, but only if I would fuck Nina before I fucked my new bride. Nina slid out of her beautiful dress to reveal just suspenders and stockings – no bra or knickers. She said it was the first time she had performed a marriage without any knickers on, and we all laughed as I gently eased my rigid pole into her wet pussy. The newly married Sarah held Nina in her arms and kissed her tenderly as I fucked her, and Nina had an explosive orgasm, soaking the sheets. I was very near coming, and Sarah looked me in the eyes and told me to come deep inside Nina – my first married fuck and already unfaithful! I couldn’t hold back and unloaded an enormous amount of come right up inside the registrar’s pussy. I then relaxed and watched my new wife lick my come from Nina’s pussy – giving her another come and tempting me to ease my stiffening cock into my new wife. But a deal is a deal, and I waited till Nina had recovered before handing her the big black strap-on. She fitted it around her trim waist, and pulled it tightly up between her legs – the enormous black cock sticking out in a fearsome way. Sarah said nothing, but meekly turned to offer her upturned bottom to Nina –her wet pussy lips all puffy and swollen. Nina quickly positioned herself between Sarah’s legs, opened her knees even further apart and rubbed the fat end of the big black cock up and down between Sarah’s wet lips. As Nina gently pushed the fat cock into my bride, I saw her wet a thumb and press it against Sarah’s other hole. She has always been very tight there, and I was surprised to see the cock and Nina’s thumb both disappear into Sarah, each in its own hole. Sarah cried out in a mixture of excitement and pleasure, and I watched as the fat dildo moved right into my wife. As Nina pulled out it was covered in Sarah’s juice, and Nina took some on the fingers of her other hand and offered them to me to lick. She tasted so sweet it seemed like nectar, and I played with my stiff cock while Nina’s movements became faster. After a few minutes she was pounding in and out of my new wife’s pussy and Sarah was screaming her delight – this black cock was so much bigger and harder than mine – though I’m not small! Nina was sweating from the exertion of fucking, and I couldn’t resist putting my hand out to wipe the sweat from her face – then feeling her tits as they swung back and forth. She smiled at me as she fucked my new wife – till suddenly Sarah let out scream and shook violently as she came.

We collapsed on the bed laughing – Nina with the big black cock stuck up from her pussy, all covered with my wife’s juices. I just had to lick it clean, Sarah tasted so nice it couldn’t be wasted. Sarah looked at my hard cock and said I could have her pussy in a minute, when she had recovered, but that in future I could fuck her whenever and wherever I wanted – a promise I said I would make her keep. Nina said that she was desperate for a come after all that fucking, and would we mind if she lay back and played with herself? Sarah offered to do it for her, but Nina said she wanted the big black cock inside her – so my wife offered my services to do that for our friend. Nina undid the strap-on, got comfortable lying on her back with her head on a pillow and her legs wide apart. I licked the end of the black cock to make it wet again, but I needn’t have bothered, the juices were running from between Nina’s lips. I worked the dildo into her, starting gently but she grabbed my hand and pulled the full 11 inches of fat cock right into her cunt. I worked it in and out of her timing my movements with Nina lifting her hips to meet me. I rubbed her very stiff clit gently with my other hand, and it took her only a short while to come, again squirting a load of juice as she moaned in pleasure. I was enjoying watching her orgasm when Sarah slid down the bed and took my cock in her mouth. My bride looked wonderful with her lips firmly around my cock, but I wanted to fuck her – even if I was to be second to a big black cock. As I positioned myself to enter her pussy, Nina reached out and held my cock – all part of marrying us, she said – putting the bridegroom’s hard cock into the bride’s wet pussy!

We fucked and sucked for hours, falling asleep together in the big bed. What a start to married life!

And Sarah was unfaithful again the next morning, but that was different – it was a real cock – more of that later.