Written by Charles

6 Sep 2004

I have only been unfaithful to my lovely wife,Judy, on one occasion and that with her permission. Here is what happened.

At the time I was forty-nine years old and had been married to Judy for eighteen years. She was beautiful and my soul-mate and we had a wonderful sex life for, as it turned out, her high sex-drive matched my own. We had been friends for many years with another couple, close friends at that.

Then Ted died, it was a dreadful shock because he had shown no signs of illness whatsoever. Gwen, his wife had phoned us immediately and we went straight over. They'd had no children and, in fact, there were no close relatives at all. That being the case I took it on myself to make all the funeral arrangements. On the day we drove over to Gwen's and accompanied her to the crematorium, the only other people there were Ted's work colleagues and one or two other friends. Judy had taken care of all the post funeral arrangements but it was a very subdued party of no more than a dozen or so who came back to the house. So unlike the normal 'wake' for a deceased friend, with happy memories of earlier days.

Soon enough we were left with Gwen and stayed the rest of the day. When we started suggesting that we should go home, Gwen becameupset saying that she did not want to be left alone. We suggested the obvious thing, that she should come home with us, but she wouldn't agree for she knew that we had family at home and she didn't want to depress everyone. In the end Judy suggested that I stay with Gwen for the night, just for company, and I agreed.

As I walked Judy to our car she stopped before opening the door and said quietly, "Gwen is going to be very lonely tonight Charles, if you think that she needs solace, I shan't mind. I don't think she should be on her own."

I said, "Do you mean....."

"Yes, Charles, you've no need to put it into words, I'm sure that she'll need comfort tonight."

I kissed her and went back into the house. Gwen had put the television on but I could see that she wasn't really watching it. I went to the cocktail cabinet and poured two large brandies. I put one in Gwen's hand and said, "Let's remember Ted as he was, Gwen, he loved you and I know that you were very close. Here's to his memory."

"Yes," Gwen said shakily, "you are right, we were very close," there was a tear in her eye, "there wasn't a night we didn't make love, even right up to the end. It's awful but I've missed it so much and it's only been just over a week!"

"I understand Gwen, but a new life starts for you now and, cruel as it may seem, you have to forget how it was with Ted, at least in that respect."

"I suppose that's true, oh dear." Shortly after Gwen showed me to a bedroom. Thier house was very up to date and the room had an en-suite, so I had a shower before going to bed. I was soon asleep.

Sometime during the night I was woken by someone climbing into bed with me. Obviously it was Gwen, "Charles, don't tell me to go, I need to be with you!" She cuddled into me. Now Judy and I always sleep in the nude, that night was no exception, and feeling Gwen's warm body against me soon had the obvious effect.

Gwen, like Judy was a good-looking woman in her mid-forties, having had no children she had retained an excellent figure. In the darkness as she cuddled into my back I had visions of what she would look like naked, so when she put her arms round me and finding me naked,she felt for my penis. Of course I was as hard as a rock, I heard her sharp intake of breath as she felt and wrapped her fingers round it. "Don't turn me away Charles," she murmured, "I know Judy wouldn't mind."

I knew it too. I turned to her and taking her in my arms, kissed her, she returned it passionately. We kissed several times and she began to work my penis. Her breasts felt amazingly firm for a woman of her age, it made me want to see her. I said softly, "You feel wonderful Gwen, can I look at you?"

"Of course, I love being looked at, Ted and I always made love with the lights on." I switched the bedside light on and we separated to be able to see each other.

"Oh what a lovely dick!" Gwen exclaimed. I should explain that I have an eight inch penis and it's very thick as well. She kissed me, "Oh, please Charles do me!" she continued.

I looked at her, her breasts weren't large but they were a beautiful shape and as she saw my gaze travel down her body she opened her legs. She had a very prominent mons veneris which was divided by the long and extremely obvious lips of her vulva. It was unobscured by pubic hair, she was blonde andhad very little anyway.

I was now thoroughly aroused and as I kissed her again I caressed thiose lovely breasts before kissing them and sucking at her small nipples. Judy wasn't very nipple sensitive, but Gwen certainly was, and she moaned as I distributed my attention to both nipples. I felt her relax completely and slid my hand down between her thighs. Her lips were slippery, "Oh, I want it so much!" she panted.

"Not yet," I told her and kissed my way down over her stomach to the now plump lips. As she spread her legs wider I buried my head between her thighs and kissed those velvety lips before pushing my tongue into the hungry mouth of her sex. She was lubricating liberally and my tongue slipped into her vagina and I tongued her.

"Oh Ted, Ted!" she moaned, I teased her clitoris, it wasn't anything like as big as Judy's but my tongue had the same effect and she came. I moved over her and pressed my penis against the soft channel, Gwen put her hand down and entered it into the hot mouth of her vagina. I slid in, it was hot, wet, and tight. She moaned as I pushed root deep into her, "Do me, do me!"

I did her, her tight vagina worked my penis like it hadn't been worked since I was a teenager with my first virgin. I came quicky, regrettably. But then assured her that I wouldn't take it out and that I'd do her again as soon as I was able. She was adept and squeezed my penis until I was hard again, it took less than ten minutes. Then I did her again. This time I was able to hold off and lasted until she begged me to come, I spurted inside her with a groan.

Afterwards we went to sleep. But not for long, I was woken again by Gwen demanding more, not once but three times! By the time I finally woke, at about ten in the morning I still felt exhausted. But I also had a satisfied woman on my hands, "I haven't had sex like that since Ted and I were first married!" she told me, "Judy's lucky to have such a wonderful lover!" I got up and went to shower but Gwen followed me and we showered together. She said, "I think Judy's so fortunate to have a man with a cock like yours, I've only ever had three or four men in my lfe and I've never had one in me the size of yours! To be crude, I'm well fucked! And I hope Judy will let you do me again."

I hoped so too. I got home at lunch time and Judy immediately asked me what had happened, "I can see that you've had sex," she told me, "tell me what it was like." I took her up to our bedroom and showed her. "You naughty boy!" she said, "I can see I shall have to let you do her again if it means that we have sex like that afterwards!"