Written by saz

4 May 2004

A few weeks ago i posted a story about catching my wife fucking an older builder while i was at work.As i explained being an indian couple this was a complete shock to the system,and for many weeks i did not ask my wife anything because she thought i did not know.It was a big turn on and one night during our sex session i started to ask her about swinging and what she thought about it.She looked at me in shocked way and said no way that was the moment i told her that i saw her fuck the builder,she started to brake down and said she didnt know what made her do it and she now regretted it.I told her it was okay and that i have handeled it and in fact i found it a turn on.She then calmed down and told me what had led her to fuck this guy who was about 20 years older than her.She said while he was working she went to the kitchen to make her self some tea and had asked him if he wanted anything he smiled and said, "yes a cup of tea please" he then started to tell her how beautifull she looked and how my husband was very lucky to have me.My wife said she was getting a bit embaressed and was trying to leave the kitchen when her touched her arse as she was leaving,she looked at him and was about to complain when he started to sink his finger into her arse, he started to bring her closer to him self and said "can i just lick your pussy thats all nothing more" my wife said she was scared and could not even speak so he took off her skirt and knickers and picked her up and placed on the work top.He undressed him self and then started to lick my wifes pussy,she said he was also wanking his big cock.She admitted he nearly made her come because i have never licked my wife she and found it very erotic.He then took her top off and by now she wearing her black bra,she said he pushed her to her feet and while wanking slowly placed his cock on her lips and said"you know what to do "my wife then started to suck his cock and by now she admitted she was begining to enjoy it.After about ten minutes he helped her to her hands and knees and guided his cock into her pussy without any condom.My wife said she felt her pussy stretching with each thrust even though she was wet.She said occasionaly he would put his finger in her arse while fucking her doggy style.The rest you have read from my previous post.