Written by John

9 Nov 2006

This is the continuing story of my wife and three male colleagues on a business trip to Europe, with my permission to do what she likes as long as she comes home and tells me all. In the first part all three men had her in the boss’s suite at a hotel. After a break for a drink she told me about the next stage of her journey into extra-marital sex.

The morning after the MMMF session breakfast was taken early, and they went on to Amsterdam for another meeting. Relationships were resumed as if nothing unusual had taken place the night before. At the meeting Jane again took notes, and they were finished mid-afternoon. As they left the room the boss was in deep discussion with two of the Dutchmen. Fifteen minutes later, when he emerged, he told them that this evening they were eating at a club that had been recommended by the Dutchmen as having good food and an entertaining show. They walked back to the hotel where the boss left to do some shopping. Jane and the other two had a coffee and discussed the meeting, following which she went off for a long relaxing soak in the bath.

She had finished her bath and was dressed in a robe drying her hair, when there was a knock at the door. It was her boss. He came into the room and presented her with a gift-wrapped parcel. She opened it and saw the sheer white silk material of a dress. He told her that it was something special to wear that evening at the club as she would not have brought anything suitable for such an occasion.

She took it out and held it up against herself. “Why not try it on?” asked the boss. She hesitated for a moment, then thought to herself “after last night, what the hell?”, took off her bathrobe and slipped on the dress – what there was of it.

The skirt was two panels or material, front and back, held together at the waist by a gold chain about five centimetres in length at each side. These chains, attached to the front panel, ended in a hook which engaged an eye in the back panel. Only the tension kept the hook in place. At the front, two strips of material in an elongated inverted v-shape stretched upwards to the neck to cover most of her breasts. Behind the neck they were joined by a gold clasp that was attached to an inverted v-shaped piece that joined the back panel of the skirt.

It fitted her perfectly. Her breasts were two-thirds enveloped by the silk, and her curves were emphasised by the soft material. The eye could travel from her cleavage down bare flesh to below her navel. When she looked in the mirror she could see that in a certain light the dress was semi-transparent, with her dark areolae quite obvious and her nipples projecting the material. The darkness of her pubic hairs could also be seen. She also realised that to make the outfit look as good as it deserved she could not wear any underwear.

The boss had thought of that. He presented her with a small package which contained a silk, flesh-coloured thong with tie-sides; but no bra.

“That will be perfect for where we’re going tonight” said the boss, breathing heavily, “but you’d better wear your long coat to get there.” With that, he moved in, removed her dress, and proceeded to eat her out. She came quickly, but he said he wanted a shower so they left it at that with a promise for later on that night.

To go to the club she wore the dress and thong, some strappy silver sandals that she had brought with her, heavy musky perfume, a necklace with a long chain to hang down in her cleavage, some other jewellery, and her long coat to make her decent for the journey. The taxi pulled up outside the club; she could see then that it was a sex club, although the dress had already aroused her suspicions.

Inside, tables were arranged around a slightly raised dance floor, on which was a round leather couch about two metres in diameter, and a bowl on a pedestal. The bowl contained condoms, lube and poppers. They were shown to a table beside the dance floor where the two Dutchmen from earlier in the day were already sitting. Jane had left her coat in the cloakroom, and she was followed by most of the eyes in the establishment.

Drinks were served and were kept flowing, the food was good. Whilst they were eating porn films were shown on four screens suspended above head-height from the ceiling. After the meal they had more drinks and a reefer or two while a professional couple made energetic and inventive love on the couch and the rack. They were both ebony black, she with a slender but curvy body, he very muscular and with a beautiful, thick long jet-black cock, bigger than the accountants. The screens now showed close-ups of the action taken by CCTV cameras placed around the room and above the stage. All the stimulation was exciting Jane and by now she was ready for anything to happen.

When the couple had finished their show the manager came on stage and announced that the night was amateur night. One enthusiastic diner and his lady took the stage and proceeded to give a show. They were joined by another man from their table and proceeded to shag each other with the encouragement of the audience.

When they had finished, the manager asked for another volunteer. Jane’s boss stood up, took her hand, raised her from the seat and propelled her onto the floor to the applause of the audience. The manager took over from him. He turned her around on the spot so that everyone around the stage could see her fully. The spotlights rendered the dress virtually transparent, and the audience applauded even more enthusiastically. The manager went behind her and placed his hands at each side of her hips over the straps of her thong. Pulling gently he undid the ties, gave it a tug to release it from her crotch and crack, and the thong dropped to the floor. After giving her another twirl, he undid the clasp at the back of her neck allowing the top to fall away, exposing her to the waist. More enthusiastic applause. Another twirl, and he undid one of the side hooks whereupon the dress fell to the floor. So there she was; naked, in bright spotlights, in front of a roomful of men and women all clapping and cheering. She gave a small curtsey.

At this point the two professionals came back on the stage. They took Jane and lay her on the couch, where they spent a long time caressing her body and exploring every part of it with their hands and tongues. Jane was getting so worked up that she forgot the crowd and surrendered to their experienced attentions. Then she was experiencing an intense orgasm as the woman tongued her clitty. By the time she came down from her climax the man had put on a condom; he applied a good dose of lube to her slit and positioned himself on her. Luckily the night before had prepared her cunt for this black monster. He eased into her a little at a time and soon they were writhing in a variety of positions. She said he knew things she had not dreamed about. He moved position frequently to give the cameras different views, and the girl meantime was kissing them both, playing with them, fingering them, and being fingered by both of them.

After what seemed like hours, and many more orgasms by Jane, he came and broke away from her. Unknown to Jane, the manager had by now organised some volunteers to come up to take his place and there was a line of men ready for action. One was onto her immediately. She was taken by a lot of total strangers (a couple she sucked off) one after the other in several different positions until she could take no more, at which point she was escorted from the stage to a standing ovation, steered to her seat and given a towel and her dress.

She did not remember much of the rest of the evening. She sat there naked with the five men who helped her clean up and took the chance to play with her body. She had a couple more drinks (including a very large glass of orange juice) and another reefer. When it was time to leave she did not bother with the dress but just put on her coat. She did not see the thong again. As she left she was handed a DVD of her exploits that evening and a free life-membership card, courtesy of the management of the club.

In the taxi back to the hotel she dozed while hands played with her breasts and snatch. Once there she had to be helped upstairs. The next morning when she woke up she remembered nothing after leaving the club but soon realised that there was a lot of spunk oozing from her cunt and in her hair, and stains on the bed sheets, even though condoms had been used on the stage.

There was one more meeting and overnight stay before they went home……